Survey Says That Job Seekers Are Willing to Move for a New Job

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A survey published in May 2018 by Glassdoor reveals that more than one-fourth, or 28.5 percent, of job seekers are willing to move to a location outside of their current metro area for a new job opportunity. The comprehensive study examined more than 668,000 online job applications in 40 of America's largest metro areas to derive the data.

Why Are People Willing to Move?

Glassdoor's survey shows that workers are in high demand and companies are ready to pay for top talent. Companies that understand what drives workers to relocate have an advantage over companies that don't, and recruiters should tap into the reasons why job seekers are willing to relocate as a recruiting tool. Workers may find companies that offer benefits to help them move or encourage them to relocate as part of accepting an offer.

Company culture is a driving factor for job seekers as they relocate to new cities, more so than even pay. Glassdoor found that a one-star rating higher means more to employees than $10,000 more per year. Offering more money does encourage people to move, but it's less of a factor compared to company culture. Candidates want to be a part of something greater, and they want to fit into a company where they love their jobs.

Men and young people are more likely to move compared to women and older people. The study shows that men are 3.3 percent more likely to relocate compared to women. Job seekers are 7 percent less likely to relocate with each passing decade they age. In other words, someone in their 20s is 7 percent more likely to move versus someone in their 30s, and then a person in their 30s is 7 percent more likely to move compared to someone in their 40s. However, a 20-something candidate is 14 percent more likely to move versus a 40-something worker.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors for job seekers to consider when it comes to relocating. Advancing in a career with a higher position is one major reason for people to relocate. Better opportunities in a bigger city can broaden someone's horizons. A better quality of life, through a higher salary, better office culture and a comfortable standard of living, all come into play when workers consider leaving one city and moving to another. Recruiters can tap into these aspects to encourage candidates to move to a new city.

Movement Among Cities

San Francisco and New York are the top two destinations for candidates who relocate. San Jose, California, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. round out the top five. As many as 12.4 percent, or one-eighth, of movers want to head to San Francisco for better opportunities. San Francisco and San Jose are in the heart of Silicon Valley, while the other three cities are cultural juggernauts in their own rights.

Job seekers should understand that companies want to draw top talent, and employers should encourage candidates to move to a new city. The companies that know how to do this have the advantage over those that don't, particularly when it comes to recruiting women and senior workers.

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