The Importance of a Daily Huddle

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Administrative assistants are tasked with a significant amount of ever-changing duties that often leave them with questions on a daily basis. Breakdowns in office communication can derail your work and interrupt the flow of productivity quickly. Seek out ways to connect with executives with daily huddles to keep the entire office running smoothly.

It is no secret that executives are busy and working to increase profits and client connections. Many executives may not see the importance of a daily huddle with administrative assistants as a necessary means of office communication, explains Joan Burge with Office Dynamics. However, this seems to be a somewhat short-sided perspective of an action that could easily work to their benefit in the long-run.

As such, it is your job to convince your supervisor that a daily meeting can maximize the time and efforts of the entire company while keeping employees on task. Schedule a one-on-one with executives to outline how a brief meeting can help outline responsibilities, define priorities for each employee and improve support services. Explain that you are willing to go above and beyond to support the executive, but that without guidance, your efforts may not be as productive, which can ultimately impact the company's bottom line. Additionally, indicate how a daily meeting can help minimize errors, questions and misguided efforts, ultimately helping the executive to focus on the importance of running the company.

Outline benefits to the company as a whole when requesting a daily huddle. These meetings can reduce stress for administrative assistants and executives alike, and can also diminish potential chaos that accompanies last-minute requests and projects. Daily huddles serve to prepare employees for upcoming events, meetings and projects while also allowing administrative assistants to take the initiative to plan ahead and be proactive. Open the lines of communication by allowing executives to reflect on progress and performance during daily huddles so that both parties feel as if they are benefiting from the meeting.

Because time management is such a vital component of your role as an administrative assistant, it is also vital that you have clear and concise directions on all projects to ensure that you and executives remain on top of everything. Detail this for executives, and focus on how your need for a daily meeting ultimately benefits them by allowing you to provide the best support possible throughout the day. Gently remind executives that you are in this position to help organize their initiatives, and that in order to effectively do your job, you need a briefing each morning to prioritize your tasks.

Communication is a crucial element of a good relationship between administrative assistants and the executives they support. Demonstrate your commitment to the job and the company by organizing daily huddles that are productive and helpful for all involved.

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  • Kormele L.
    Kormele L.

    Communication is very important in a large office. Daily huddles should be mandatory.

  • Kamiliah Edmon
    Kamiliah Edmon

    I agree because in a clerical or administrative job or career you come across several different task aaked of you and not everyone wants things done the same.Even though it at times it may seem too much its a great fielded to learn and grow with because it motivates you gives your all and also shows you that theres always something or someone you can learn from or teach .

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