The Interview is Over; Now What?

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You offered a firm handshake, smiled confidently, handed over a flawless resume and provided top-notch responses to all questions asked of you. Now that the job interview is over, how do you proceed? Follow this post-interview checklist to make sure you have everything covered.

1. Take Notes on the Interview

As soon as you return home from your job interview, sit down and jot down the important points of the meeting. Write down anything significant that stands out to you, from small talk with the interview panel to discussion of challenges the company faces. This helps you refresh your memory when it's time to draft your thank-you notes.

2. Consider Your Excitement

While you're writing, scribble a few notes about how you feel post-interview. Think about your enthusiasm for the position. What got you excited about working for the hiring organization? Did the company culture sound like a good fit for you? Are you thrilled about the idea of leading a team?

3. Reflect on Your Performance

While the job interview is fresh in your mind, assess your performance at the job interview. Think about what you did well, and consider any improvements you could make. Recall your responses to questions, and decide whether your answers could be better next time.

4. Send Thank-You Notes

Now it's time to put pen to paper. Using your notes, draft a thank-you note to each person you encountered during your job interview. Express your appreciation for their time, and tell why your skills are a great match for the position. Talk about your enthusiasm for the job, and tell how you can bring value to the organization.

5. Review Your Social Media Profiles

Scan your social media profiles to ensure your online presence isn't giving potential employers the wrong idea about you. Remove any posts or photos that may reflect negatively on your reputation. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and professional.

6. Continue Your Job Search

Don't hitch all your horses to one wagon, as you may not be the chosen candidate. As you wait to hear from the hiring manager, continue to browse job postings, network with industry professionals and accept other job interview offers.

7. Make a Follow-Up Phone Call

Wait one full week after your job interview before calling the hiring manager. Avoid an aggressive or demanding tone. Simply inquire as to whether a hiring decision has been made. Explain that you're excited by the prospect of joining the team, and express your thanks again.

The days and weeks following a job interview can feel excruciatingly long when you're waiting to hear something from the hiring manager. Fill the time by reviewing this post-interview checklist, and ensure you're making a lasting impression on the potential employer.

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