The Most Ridiculous Questions Asked During an Interview

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Preparation is crucial when anticipating questions for a job interview. Most applicants research professional responses to interview questions such as "Why do you want this job?" and "Why should we hire you?" However, some employers ask questions that you may not be expecting, and questions that may seem a little odd. Be ready for just about any of these questions before walking into your first meeting with a potential employer.

How Many Fire Hydrants Are in This City?

While you may not be expecting this type of question during a job interview, employers that ask about aspects of the city are evaluating your observation skills. It may not be possible to come up with the exact number of fire hydrants in the city, but instead of wagering a guess, talk out your process when offering a number. Hiring managers are determining whether you have problem-solving skills.

How Would You Instruct Someone on Using a Vending Machine?

It seems pretty simple to insert money into a machine and make a selection, but if you can't describe the process and offer clear instructions, your answer to this question during a job interview may indicate you lack the ability to train others efficiently. Avoid skipping any steps, and walk the hiring manager through every part of operating a vending machine when answering this interview question.

Which Brand Defines You?

Do you see yourself as a person who subscribes to the "Just Do It" motto of Nike? If so, this is your time during the job interview to explain how you approach challenges. Employers that ask questions about how you define yourself are inquiring about what motivates you, but also how you carry yourself professionally. Even though the question may seem odd, take it seriously when providing a response. This is your time to define yourself as an expert in the industry.

Who Would You Take With You on a Road Trip?

Although this question may seem personal, employers are actually hoping to find out the type of people you surround yourself with on a daily basis when asking this question during a job interview. Avoid referring to family members so as not to reveal your family status. Instead, think about someone who inspires you professionally. Refer to any professional mentor you could take with you on a road trip, and describe why and how this person motivates you on a regular basis.

Odd questions asked by hiring managers always have a purpose. Employers may be intentionally trying to throw you off balance to test your ability to handle awkward situations. Show you can remain professional during a job interview by guiding your responses toward your skills, experience and qualifications when answering atypical questions to further impress hiring managers and show you can remain professional in any type of situation.

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