These 10 Things on Your Resume Really Matter

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Your resume, a single sheet of paper, could be the one thing that stands between you getting the interview that lands you the job of your dreams. When it comes time to craft your resume, make sure it's impeccable so you can make a stellar first impression on the hiring manager. Make sure your resume contains these 10 things that really matter.

1. An Executive Summary

Rather than an objective statement that just tells the potential employer that you're looking for a job, begin your resume with an executive summary that briefly introduces you. Include a few facts that tell why you're the perfect candidate for the position.

2. Significant Keywords

Scan the job description to pick out the most important keywords. Sprinkle a few naturally throughout your resume. This helps your resume stand out if the potential employer uses applicant-tracking software.

3. Quantifiable Achievements

Rather than just writing that you made a lot of sales, provide dollar figures or a percentage to make your information more relevant. For example, tell how you exceeded sales goals by 20 percent over the last four quarters.

4. Relevant Work Experience

List the work experience that is most pertinent to the position for which you're applying. Demonstrate that you possess the skills and duties to fulfill the requirements of the job.

5. Action Verbs

Spice up your resume with action verbs that increase your value. Rather than saying you "Dealt with customer problems," tell how you "Fielded questions from clients and resolved issues."

6. Impressive Accomplishments

Don't be afraid to brag a bit about yourself. Demonstrate your past successes by writing about that service award you won or that sales record you broke.

7. Attention-getting Bullets

When writing your resume, include a few bullets under each of your previous job titles to show what duties you performed or accomplishments you made. List the most significant and impressive bullets first.

8. Remarkable References

Be sure to include a few quality references on your resume, and ask each person's permission before listing their name and contact information. Consider previous co-workers, former bosses or respected mentors.

9. A Clean Format

Make sure your resume is simple with an easy-to-read font and neatly aligned headings and bullets. Do not include distracting graphics, and try to limit the length to one page.

10. A Flawless Delivery

Before printing that resume, be sure to proofread it several times to check for spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Ask a trusted friend to glance over your resume so you can gain a fresh perspective.

Don't settle for a subpar resume. Put the time and effort into crafting a customized document that impresses the hiring manager and earns you an interview by including these 10 things on your resume.

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  • Bryan Hughes
    Bryan Hughes

    Amen Michael!

  • Michael L.
    Michael L.

    Good points. Sadly, the "personal touch" seems to be a thing of the past as hiring managers rely on software to make decisions for them. It's really rather aggravating but resistance is futile. We will be assimilated.

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