Three Cool Things to Carry as an Admin

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Many administrative assistants attend off-site meetings and conferences throughout the year. If you are one of them, you need to carry tools and apps to make admin work easier when you are on the road. Today's technology makes it easy to keep track of appointments, communicate with your colleagues, and get things done without setting a foot in the office. These are three of the coolest tools for an admin assistant to carry on business trips.

A smartphone is one of the best tools you can carry as an admin assistant. The device gives you access to the Internet and thousands of apps to help you perform your admin work from anywhere in the world. Secretary's Suite is an inexpensive app for organizing messages and sending them to colleagues. You can record all of your call details and send them to other people via email or SMS. The app works with iOS 4.0 and later versions. Check the iTunes library for other apps to help you get all your admin work done on time.

If you need more functionality than the iPhone provides, a tablet is another good investment. The right tablet makes it easy to open documents, edit spreadsheets, and complete other admin work. The iPad is one of the best tablets on the market, but the price tag may prompt you to look for another model. The Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note are just two of the many options available. One of the best features of the Nexus 7 is that it will integrate with your Google Calendar, Gmail and other Google tools, giving you a seamless experience across devices. The Galaxy Note has a split-screen interface to make multitasking easier for any administrative professional.

Smartphones and tablets are great tools, but you may also need a laptop for your most complicated admin projects. When you are ready to shop for a laptop, make a list of must-have features before you visit a store. Pick a model based on power, storage, and graphics. If you will be traveling for several hours at a time, pick a laptop with a long battery life. You may also want to buy a backup battery in case your trip takes more time than expected. Having a laptop on hand will make it easier to do admin work from a hotel room or a business conference center.

If your administrative job takes you out of the office, you must have the right tools to keep your productivity level high. A smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop are three of the best tools to keep you going no matter where you travel. These tools give you access to productivity applications and software programs that will help you get your admin work done even when you are not in the office.


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