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Efficiency is the key to being a successful administrative professional. Excellent communication and organizational skills are what separates exceptional admins from the rest, which is why mastering the latest online administrative tools and clerical programs is very advantageous. Here are three everyday online tools today's admins should know.


These days, it's essential that businesses have a strong online presence. Having a search engine optimized website is certainly a big part of that, but social media is arguably even more important. People are constantly checking their Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts throughout the day, giving today's companies an opportunity to reach out. Free, effective advertising is possible in the age of the Internet, and savvy companies everywhere are realizing this.

HooteSuite is an intuitive web-based program that can easily become one of your most used administrative tools. This useful program allows you to update all of your social media accounts at once with the press of a button. Because it's web-based, you can use it from any computer or mobile device. Being able to set it to automatically post status updates at the exact time you specify frees you up to concentrate on other aspects of your day. Other features allow you to monitor what other people are saying about the company and view analytics, making it a powerful administrative tool for corporate use.


The days of storing important documents and files on susceptible hard drives are quickly coming to an end. Not only is on-site storage dangerous because of the possibility of physical damage, but confidential information is also at risk of being compromised. Dropbox presents a way to store information in a virtual cloud-based setting, which is quickly becoming the new standard in today's corporate offices.

Besides being safer, having cloud storage is just more convenient. With this administrative tool, files can be synchronized among computers for easy access, shared with the click of a button and backed up safely. Because the information is stored in a virtual setting, it can be accessed via password from anywhere in the world. A good administrative tool makes life easier for everyone involved, and it's clear that Dropbox accomplishes exactly that.


Skype is a communication program that has become an irreplaceable administrative tool in offices worldwide. Skype's main attraction is allowing people to communicate face to face on a computer screen. This all-in-one clerical program can be used for local and international phone calls, video conferences and instant messaging. It's simple to use and free to download, so there's no reason not to be without this effective administrative tool.

These three online administrative tools are at the forefront of corporate technology. Becoming familiar with them is going to make your office run more fluidly and efficiently, resulting in a more pleasant and productive environment.


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