Three Reasons HR Is Still Important in the Office

Julie Shenkman
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The human resources department is one aspect of the business world upon which most companies agree. From processing payroll and handling benefits packages to conflict resolution, this department is one of the most multifaceted of any organization.

Human resources may seem outdated to some, but the value of such a department is still extremely high, even in today’s business world. The personnel within the human resources department play a vital role in keeping a business's operations running smoothly. Without human resources, most companies would drown in new talent acquisition and employee affairs.

Firstly, the human resources department is responsible for acquiring quality talent. On top of that, the HR department is also responsible for showing companies how to keep and reward those employees so that they do not quit or seek work at a competing company. For example, human resources may offer employees a low-cost benefits package, great vacation time, and a competitive salary or bonus. Employee retention could be considered one of the department’s most valuable roles.

However, human resources is also responsible for handling things such as budget control, cost savings and company spending. They help eliminate excessive costs by doing things such as negotiating for lower, more affordable benefits rates. They also help set realistic and competitive wages based on the current labor market. For companies that may have budget restraints, this function is extremely vital.

The HR department also controls most, if not all, employee affairs. They control training and development of new and current employees, which otherwise would consume a great deal of time for managers and employers. They identify training needs of current staff to help increase and improve skills in their field, which is much more cost-effective than hiring a new set of more talented employees for a specific function. They also control employee satisfaction through carefully designed employee surveys. Though many argue that the surveys are ambiguous, these measures can help a company assess both dissatisfaction in the workplace and viable solutions.

Finally, the human resources department is responsible for maintaining corporate images. Employers want to be known as top employers so that they are more attractive options to more talented employees looking for work. Human resources maintains this image through company principles and philosophies, ensuring that each worker follows these guidelines in order to create an exemplary workplace. Creating and maintaining happy, healthy workers are excellent ways in which this department can build and sustain their positive company image.

The human resources department is an essential part of any company. It performs a variety of roles vital to a successful business. Through hiring qualified talent, assessing training and satisfaction needs and company image, the human resources department ensures that their company is a healthy, happy place to work, thus making it more attractive during the hiring process.

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