Tips on Becoming a Hotel Inspector

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Hotel inspectors travel from hotel to hotel under the guise of a regular customer. They’ll sample a hotel’s bar and restaurant offerings, evaluate its spa, gym and concierge services, then report on a hotel’s overall cleanliness and service. The inspector’s final evaluation will include service scores, comments on areas that may need improvement, and sometimes even photos to back up these comments.

For those who love to travel and live out of a suitcase like George Clooney did in the film Up in the Air, a hotel inspector job would be an ideal fit. Be warned, though, this is not an easy career to break into. The perks and high earning potential make the field highly competitive. To become a hotel inspector, you’ll need:

A hospitality management degree. Most hotels want someone who is organized and used to preparing detailed reports, so you’ll need a least a degree, ideally in hospitality management or quality management.

Job experience. As a hotel inspector, you’ll have to work from the ground up, which usually means an entry-level post as a front desk clerk, a room service staffer, or assistant concierge. While holding down these positions, observe and learn, then practice writing up reports of what you think could be improved.

Finely honed letter and CV. Accent your resume toward the position of Hotel Inspector. Emphasize your report writing skills, evaluation strengths, and critical thinking abilities. Ditto for the cover letter.

Aggressiveness. You’ll need to be relentless in scouring every online resource for vacancies. You should make a habit of attending job fairs and become tireless in networking with other hotel inspectors. Seek out mentors if you can. Pore over their reports. Ask questions. Learn.

Got any tips or advice on landing a hotel inspector job? Include your comments section below.

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