Tips to Help With Interview Nerves

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It's normal to be nervous before a job interview. In fact, even the most seasoned job seekers usually get butterflies before the big day. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to reduce the tension so you can put your best face forward.

1. Prepare In Advance

When it comes to finding employment, it's essential to prepare. You can never be too prepared for the job interview, so as soon as the interview is scheduled, start getting ready. Research the company, its products or services, and its culture. Interviews are two-sided, so make sure you prepare to answer questions the hiring manager might ask and questions you can ask about the position, company or goals.

2. Practice with a Partner

One of the best ways to reduce interview anxiety before a job interview is to conduct a mock interview. Ask a friend or family member to play the role of the hiring manager, and then put on your best performance. Ask for their honest feedback. Mock interviews help you practice your answers to common interview questions and allow you to work on your body language and improvisation.

3. Plan Your Day in Advance

Before the day of the job interview, make sure you have your day fully prepared. Pick out an outfit to wear, and make sure it's clean and ironed. Make sure you have gas in your car, or plan out whatever transportation option you plan on using. Give yourself plenty of time so that there's no chance of arriving late. Eliminating logistical worries allows you to focus on more important details.

4. Get a Good Night's Sleep

Getting a solid night of rest before the day of the job interview is critical. If you're tired, your brain isn't going to function at its full capacity. Your goal is to show the interviewer the best possible version of yourself, so go to bed early to ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and energized instead of tired and groggy.

5. Take Notes During the Interview

Jotting down notes during the interview makes you seem attentive and focused, and it can also help to reduce nervousness and fidgeting. Just make sure that you don't use your notebook as a crutch. Only write down important points, and maintain eye contact when you're not writing.

6. Stay Focused On the Bigger Picture

While a job interview is important, it's not the end of the world if you don't get the job. When it comes to finding employment, it's easy to overthink the job so much that you put it on a pedestal. Remember that there will always be new opportunities in the future. You're interviewing the employer as much as they're interviewing you, so keep reminding yourself of the value that you bring to the table.

View each and every job interview as a chance to learn about the company, and always stay alert during interviews. After you've been through a few of them, interviews become less intimidating, and your nervousness will likely start to subside. The thought of a job interview is almost always scarier than the interview itself. Be genuine, professional and relaxed, and you should do fine.

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