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The role of an administrative assistant is to provide support for employees, executives and administrators. The position is demanding and requires strong communication skills, knowledge of the industry and the ability to multitask on a daily basis. Seek out the skills you need with professional resources to improve your opportunities and enhance your ability to provide support for executives.

1. LinkedIn

Communication skills are at the heart of an administrative assistant position. You are responsible for taking direction, recording instructions and implementing tasks that your boss desires. Learn how to network and communicate with professionals in the industry by creating a professional profile on LinkedIn. You may not be seeking a new position, but networking with people in the same industry can lead you to tips to improve your performance, learn about new opportunities and take advantage of training that enhances your skills. You may also benefit from joining LinkedIn groups designated for assistants that enable you to network with people who face the same daily challenges.

2. The American Society of Administrative Professionals

Membership in a professional organization is beneficial for any type of administrative assistant. The ASAP was created to specifically support people just like you who are seeking to establish a network of professionals who understand your current position. The ASAP offers members career development opportunities that include articles about industry trends, certificate programs, webinars and online training courses focused on new technology, computer software, organization and communication. Members of a professional organization also benefit from learning from each other. Meet and greet events pool local talent together to discuss strategies that have proven to be efficient and successful.


An administrative assistant looking to enhance on-the-job skills doesn't have to pay high tuition costs at a local college or university to gain knowledge. Website tutorials and online support offer professionals training that is often free or at a discounted rate. features training for the administrative assistant to learn software programs such as Microsoft Suite or HTML and advanced coding skills. Take advantage of video tutorials during a break at the office or in the evening when you are relaxing at home. The skills gained help to improve your daily processes and procedures while also making you more employable or in the running for promotions.

4. Continuing Education

Colleges, universities and private businesses often offer refresher courses for the administrative assistant looking to improve skills. Learn how to adapt to a new computer system, balance or create budgets, manage time and communicate better with a continuing education course or weekend workshop.

Professional resources can help to reduce any frustration you feel on the job when faced with challenging tasks. Enhance your knowledge and your job performance as an administrative assistant with professional development opportunities.

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