Top Tips to Remain Cool in a Summertime Interview

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A summer interview gives you a rare chance to avoid the fall employment rush, but there's a reason you have less competition during a summertime job search. Sweltering heat makes keeping up a professional appearance a challenge. Here are a few smart ways to beat the heat for a successful interview during the warmer months.

Try to Time Your Interview Well

If the hiring manager gives you a say in your summer interview timing, go for a meeting either early in the day or later afternoon, preferably after four o'clock, to avoid the hottest hours of the day. Since three-day weekends are a common occurrence in the summer, avoid a Friday interview, because scheduling for this day is more likely to result in a cancellation.

Dress Right for a Summer Interview

Avoid hot materials such as wool, and steer clear of fabrics that easily wrinkle, such as shirts that are 100 percent linen. A silk tie and a partially lined jacket are cooler options for a summer interview. On the other hand, avoid the temptation to dress more casually due to the heat. That means no sandals, shorts or partially transparent blouses. Remember to refrain from putting your jacket and tie on until you arrive at the building to avoid overheating, and bring a clean shirt in your briefcase, just in case. Keeping a handkerchief in your pocket to clear up sweat is another smart move.

Beat the Heat Before the Interview Starts

Plan to arrive early to your summer interview locale, since cars and even trains have a tendency to act up in times of extreme heat. When you arrive, ask to use the restroom before heading into the interview room. Take this time to fix runny makeup, blot out perspiration on your neck and face, and apply extra deodorant. You may also want to bring a comb and some hair gel or hairspray in your pre-interview kit to tame your hair. If you're feeling parched, drink a glass of water, and enjoy an energy bar to boost your spirits. Just be sure you do this before your summer interview to ensure you look professional and put-together for a good first impression.

Post-Interview Etiquette for Summer Delays

Even after a successful interview, things may move more slowly since many businesses are in their prime vacation time. Don't get frustrated with the delay, remaining polite and patient through your communication during the post-interview process.

If you use these tips alongside your own preparation to excel during your summer interview, the rewards will be worth the effort. While other job candidates are rushing to find openings in September, you may already be seated at the desk of your new job. Do you have any other tips for summer interviews? Share them in the comments below.

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