Trends to Watch in Business Process Management

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Business process management views every business as a series of processes from product development to advertising to sales. The model also includes support processes, such as administrative and information technology support. This view leads to a holistic type of management that focuses on processes instead of projects and individual tasks. Process management trends show a movement towards user-friendly technology that gives users control of their experience and continuous improvement business models.

Business process management software is a top trend in the process management area. Dedicated process management software provides an overview of all business processes in an organization. The best software programs feature mobile, user-friendly interfaces that allow for real-time input. Small and mid-sized businesses benefit from using process management software to allow managers to view all business operations. This makes it easy for managers to find weaknesses and institute changes in any area of the business.

Mobile technology is driving process management trends towards real-time collaboration for faster solutions to business problems. Newer mobile business applications focus on keeping employees engaged regardless of location. Increased employee engagement leads to better communication and more innovation across department lines. Increased innovation correlates with new product development, market growth and higher profits.

Mobile technology is the spark that is driving another trend in business process management: putting the focus on the user. Software developers are spending more time focusing on user experience, whether the user is in administrative support keeping a database up-to-date or a consumer selecting an insurance plan online. Streamlining the user experience with intuitive interfaces and intelligent software programs reduces frustration and increases business output.

This increased focus on real-time data and user experience is reducing the importance of information technology departments. Relying on IT professionals for support and guidance slows business processes and frustrates users. As technology becomes more intuitive, IT departments are shrinking, and IT professionals are taking on new roles. Future IT workers are expected to focus more on in-house software modifications and hardware distribution than on maintenance and help-desk support.

The future of business process management includes a movement towards continuous improvement in all company processes. Business management software, readily available data and distance collaboration provide continuous feedback on which processes are functioning smoothly and which need improvements. Trends in business process management point to a perpetual combination of evaluation and modifications towards an optimal work flow.

Trends in process management point to an increased reliance on technology to improve business performance. Take a process approach to management to integrate the latest management software and mobile technology for faster business solutions, increased innovations and a better user experience. Business process management is moving forward towards improving the experiences of both employees and clients for more productivity and higher profits.


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