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Getting through an interview can be nerve-wracking for any job seeker. Knowing what questions to expect can help to calm your nerves. Here are a few common interview questions and some ideas for the types of responses you should give.

1. "What is your dream job?"

When interviewers ask this question, they want to know whether you're actually interested in the role for which you are applying, or whether you are applying for any job out of desperation. The temptation here is to say your dream job is the one on offer, but this can sound hollow and disingenuous.

A better approach is to explain that you want a job that uses your skills and provides you with new challenges and opportunities for progression. This gives you an opportunity to talk about your skills and show that you have researched what is involved in the role.

2. "What Are Your Values?"

Employers who use this interview question want to know that your values align with those of the company. Research the company to find out what their core values are. Is its image one of innovation and enthusiasm or reliability and loyalty? Try to answer this interview question in a way that aligns your values with those of the company.

3. "Can You Describe Yourself in One Word?"

This is a tricky interview question. You have to choose a single word that sums up everything you can offer to the company. Read the job description, and try to work out whether "organized," "hardworking," "passionate," "self-motivated," or some other quality would make you most suitable for the role. Be sure to prepare an explanation of why you think the word describes you.

Sometimes, the best word to choose in this situation is "versatile." If the job includes several different responsibilities, versatility is something the employer will appreciate. If your resume includes experience of working in many different industries or roles, "versatile" could be the perfect answer to this interview question.

4. "Is There Anything Else We Should Discuss?"

This interview question confuses many job candidates, since it's the interviewer's job to come up with the questions. Look at this question as your opportunity to bring up anything that hasn't already been covered during the interview. If you have been longing to talk about the time you doubled your old company's sales in a single month by introducing a new management technique, now is the time. On the other hand, if the previous interview questions have already allowed you to cover everything you wanted to say, it's better to pass on this question than repeat yourself.

Tricky interview questions can catch some job seekers off guard. By preparing responses for these common interview questions, you can appear more confident and increase your chance of getting the job.

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    If one know their career choice at the stage of the game. My challenge has always been; am I number one or number two. Never dare not an issue. You know more about your job than the people interviewing you.

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