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Job interviews are nerve-wracking experiences for so many people, particularly those who lack adequate job skills or desperately need to find employment. The mere thought of making a poor impression with potential employers or completely bombing a job interview can cause extreme anxiety and nervousness. If this describes you, it's time to take action. The following tips can help you remain calm during interviews and increase your chances of making a great impression.

1. Thorough Preparation

One of the best ways to ease nervousness during a job interview is to make sure you're thoroughly prepared. Don't just skim through the company's website and learn the names of key players in the organization. Take your research a few steps further by learning about the products and services the company offers and the plans it has for future growth. Find out about any prestigious awards the company received and the charities it's involved in, and think of ways to work your knowledge into the conversation. It's also a good idea to learn about the company's culture so you'll know how to best present yourself during the meeting. If you prepare thoroughly, you'll feel more at ease during the meeting, and hiring managers might feel like they're speaking to a colleague rather than a candidate.

2. Breathing and Stretching

If you're nervous about a job interview, you might be breathing a bit faster than normal without even realizing it. Also, your muscles might feel a bit stiff and tight. These symptoms are normal responses to anxiety and nervousness, and breathing and stretching are great for promoting relaxation. Sit down in a quiet area, clear your mind and take long, deep breaths. Focus on your breathing, and nothing else. Once you're done breathing, perform a few stretches. Slowly lean your head from side to side to stretch your neck, lock your fingers behind your back to stretch your chest, and slowly bend down towards your toes to stretch your back. You'll instantly begin to feel more relaxed. Begin doing these exercises at least a few days before your job interview, and be sure to do them shortly before your meeting.

3. Reach Out to Someone Supportive

Sometimes, something as simple as an encouraging word from someone who cares about you can boost your confidence and decrease job interview anxiety. Reach out to a close friend, a colleague or even your parents before the interview. Anyone who is generally upbeat, positive and supportive would be great to speak to. Even if the person you call doesn't know anything about the company or your job industry, just a few minutes talking to or joking around with that person can help you relax and release anxiety before your interview.

Experiencing nervousness during a job interview is common. In fact, most hiring managers expect at least some candidates to be nervous, and some managers even try to put nervous candidates at ease during the meeting. It's best, however, to do everything you can to ensure you remain calm during job interviews, so take action by following these tips.

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