Two Essential HR Proficiencies for the Next Five Years

Joseph Stubblebine
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The world is changing fast, and business leaders know that keeping up with the times is more critical than ever. There is a stark difference between the business world now and what it was like just five years ago, and five years in the future promises to bring even more drastic contrast. The best human resources professionals foresee essential future proficiencies and develop them in advance. Here are two to consider.

Computer Technology

Tomorrow's human resources pioneers must be tech-savvy individuals who understand the general nature of past, present and future computer developments. Computer technology progresses exponentially, and although it is impossible to predict exactly what the next five years has in store, it is certain that the changes are going to be significant. Now is the time to become knowledgeable about current technology while also looking ahead at what tomorrow holds. The amount of potential technological progression that can happen in five years must not be underestimated.

The next generation of HR professionals is going to need to have essential skills that cannot be quickly taught by an IT worker. In the future, it is highly likely that most business professionals are expected to be competent with modern software, as well as older programs. Leaders in the human resources field not only have to rely on IT to be able to set up video conferences, data-mining operations, hiring technologies and more. This is something that current human resources workers should already be working on, but there is no doubt that advanced computer technology proficiency is an expected skill within five years.

A Global Outlook

A global view of the business world comes right along with the advancement of computer technology. Even now, people are able to communicate instantly with others from all over the globe. In the next five years, it is highly likely that this technology improves further, and meeting business contacts, clients and partners all over the world is expected to become very common. Knowing about other cultures, how to communicate, laws and regulations and other essential skills necessary to facilitate foreign interactions is going to be a huge advantage.

As our ability to communicate and travel becomes easier and cheaper, it becomes abundantly clear that it really is a small world after all. The human resources leaders of the next five years are prepared to deal with a much wider range of people. Gone are the days of strictly working and hiring locally. Developing proficiencies in travel and amenity booking, becoming familiar with local attractions and dining options and essentially learning the skills of a concierge can be highly beneficial as we move towards a more globally inclined business world.

These two essential human resources proficiencies go hand in hand. As technology progresses, the world becomes more accessible. The most successful businesses prove to be the ones who decided to think about the big picture, planned for the future and adapted naturally. Keep your ear to the ground. Pay attention to the latest advancements. Learn about new human resources software. Familiarize yourself with cloud computing. Take the lead, and eventually you can become the leader.

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