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After writing the perfect resume and selling yourself in a creative but professional cover letter, you've managed to score an interview with your dream company. If you think now's the time to memorize all the interview tips to make sure you get that job, you may be wrong. Traditional advice that focuses on rules can sometimes backfire. Instead, take a deep breath and check out these nontraditional tips for a more relaxed job interview.

Be Yourself

The best interview tip is to be yourself. You are the one who will be working in the position, and it is important to let the interviewers see the real you. Start with your clothing. Forget the standard rule to wear the nicest clothes you would wear on the job. Instead, choose something that is suitable but still comfortable — an outfit you love. Feeling that you look your best gives you confidence and helps you to be your best self. During your face time, let the interviewers get to know you. Share your work-related passions and your dreams for your future career. Don't worry about what you are supposed to say. Express yourself freely, confident that you'll get the job if it is right for you.

Get Rid of Anxiety

The standard interview tip is that it is normal to be anxious and that the interviewers will overlook anxiety-related awkwardness. In reality, that awkwardness is a barrier to connection and keeps the interviewers from seeing your best self. To reduce anxiety, make sure that everything on the day of the interview proceeds as smoothly as possible. Check out the location ahead of time so that you won't have difficulty finding it. Leave early to give yourself time to get acclimated, use the facilities or get a drink if necessary. Practice using deep breaths or visualization to reduce some of the angst. Practice these techniques before the interview to help you stay calm.

Tell the Truth

Trying to figure out the right answers, stretching the truth and giving memorized responses only increase anxiety and don't show your real skills, aptitudes and personality. Strive to tell the truth in your interview responses. This is easier than sticking to the best answers found in lists of traditional interview tips, and it gives you an opportunity to sell your true talents and abilities.

Prepare Nontraditional Examples

Many lists of interview tips state that you should stick to your recent professional experience when presenting examples of your work to interviewers. In reality, what interviewers are looking for is examples of how you have used the abilities necessary for the position in the real world. Some of your best examples might not come from your professional career. For example, selling the most candy bars for a high school trip shows determination and a natural ability for sales. Describing the innovative techniques you used to increase membership in a community organization shows creativity and problem-solving skills.

Instead of following the standard list of interview tips, try for relaxed job interviews to form connections and share your personal strengths. Remember that not getting the job is not a personal affront. Instead, think of it as a poor match, remembering that there is a better position out there more in line with your unique qualifications and career goals.

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