Ways to Kick-Start Your Job Search

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Regardless of whether this is your first job search or you're seeking a career change, it's crucial to take the necessary steps to find just the right opportunity. Kick start your search by setting goals, refreshing your skills and conducting an inventory of your qualifications to better sell yourself to potential employers.

Brainstorm Your Skills

When conducting a job search, know what you bring to the table as a potential employee. Make a list of skills, accomplishments, awards and qualifications that are relevant to each job you apply for during your search. Then, craft a 30-second elevator pitch that highlights your key skills and accolades to prepare for each job interview. It's also important to include these skills and achievements on your professional resume.

Research Top Employers

Your job search should include plenty of research, and the majority of that research should be guided by employers you find most attractive. Research some of the top employers within your industry. Find out about each company's operations, culture and goals. Use this information to help sell your skills and qualifications to these employers on a professional resume. This information also helps you determine if the company can provide you with personal and professional fulfillment.

Set Job Goals

The key to finding the perfect fit during your job search is to plan ahead and set goals. Define the qualities you are seeking in an employer, as well as long-term goals that can help you to achieve overall career success. Write down what you liked and disliked about past companies or positions. In addition, create a list of your strengths, weaknesses and skills that need improvement. A job inventory helps you to decide exactly what you want in your career and determine the best use of your current skills. Use this information throughout your job search to help you seek out opportunities that are a good fit.

Investigate Job Descriptions

Prepare for job opportunities by scouring job descriptions online. Research active job postings to find out what skills and qualifications are in high demand. If necessary, make revisions to both your resume and cover letter to ensure they're up-to-date and reflect the current job climate. Many employers use applicant tracking systems that pinpoint keywords. Make sure your job materials include relevant keywords so you are targeted for opportunities.

In order to attract the attention of employers in your field, focus on highlighting your most dominant and relevant skills when preparing application materials. Maximize your job search efforts by researching top employers and pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses to better sell your skills, impress hiring managers and boost your chances of finding a position that is an ideal fit for you both personally and professionally.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Pamela W thanks for your comment also. Here's another article that might help you: https://www.nexxt.com/articles/i-have-no-relevant-experience-help-20335-article.html

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Betty V thanks for your question. Check out this article: https://www.nexxt.com/articles/no-work-experience-no-problem-21095-article.html

  • Pamela W.
    Pamela W.

    That what I want to know, especially if it not in field of work your trying to get in.

  • Betty V.
    Betty V.

    How does someone find a job with no work experience?

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Ricky H thanks for your comment. The larger percentage of job openings are posted online on sites like ours. Everything is pretty much automated. You certainly could search for a recruiter to assist you in finding a new position. There are also temp agencies that can find you permanent work. If you went to college, there are many colleges who offer career services both to students and alumni. You could certainly check that out. Your local library still offers a wealth of information that could assist you in finding a new position. Many possibilities. Check them out. All the best in your endeavors.

  • Ricky  H.
    Ricky H.

    Everything sounds really good I actually like to talk to somebody trying to find out what's out there

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