What About Talking Politics During Your Interview?

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Your political opinions are something you feel strongly about, so the temptation to talk politics during an interview might seem natural. However, there's a reason why 20 percent of Americans think political discussions shouldn't be allowed at work, according to a survey by Indeed. Here are a few reasons why you should keep politics out of the interview process.

It's Not Relevant to the Interview

Unless you are interviewing for a position at a political organization, don't talk politics during an interview. Just like your personal life, family life, health and religious beliefs, politics is a topic that should always be off-limits, since politics have no impact on your ability to perform the job. Instead of broaching this topic, talk about your professional achievements, skills and various work experiences. On the same note, never list political affiliations on your resume, and avoid listing information about volunteer work you performed for a political candidate or party. Use your limited resume space for information that's relevant to the position.

Opposing Views May Mean Bad News

When you talk politics during a job interview, you risk painting yourself in a negative light. Keep in mind that roughly half of interviewers may not agree with your beliefs and may possess strong negative feelings about your preferred candidate. Even if a hiring manager tries to be impartial after a conversation involving political opinions, the damage is already done. The interviewer may judge your abilities through the lens of your political affiliations.

Even Allied Views Can Crush Your Chances

If interviewers do happen to agree with your political opinions, they still may find it distasteful if you bring up the topic. Discussing politics may impact how hiring managers view you as a job candidate. Also, when you talk politics to someone from your preferred party, they may choose not to hire you simply because others may think they are being biased in their decision.

Politics May Reveal Too Much

Due to the passionate nature of people's opinions, political discussions can get pretty heated, especially in the online realm. If you talk politics and fall into an online debate at any point during your job search, you might find yourself making statements that are less than professional. While you're interviewing for jobs, keep your social media presence clear of any political posts, and avoid making strong political comments. You should also avoid listing your political opinions on your social media profiles.

Everyone is entitled to a political opinion, but there is a time and place to talk politics. It's best to completely avoid political topics during a job interview. If the interviewer begins a political discussion, do your best to remain neutral. What would you do to avoid a political discussion during an interview?

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