What Career Suits Your Personality?

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Discovering what career suits your personality is something you should figure out sooner rather than later. That's because you can save yourself a lot of heartache by getting to the root of what motivates your professional life. There are plenty of avenues and employers that help your passion and personality shine. Check out three main personality types and the careers that fit them.


You love to solve problems, whether you try to get your new puppy to go to the bathroom outdoors or need to solve a complex computer problem for that new software your company wants to create. You are intelligent, and you thrive when your mind is constantly tested to its limits. Your personality loves taking on new challenges.

Although a tech-heavy job behind a computer is a great choice with high pay, you don't necessarily have to sit behind a desk all day to have a rewarding job as a problem-solver. Forensic investigators, detectives and criminologists all must solve complex problems while talking to people on a regular basis.

Think about a career as a health care professional, especially a nurse. A nurse must work with patients, families and doctors to determine the best possible course of action for people's health. Your personality as a problem-solver also shines through your compassionate nature of helping others as a nurse.


There are plenty of jobs for creative types in various fields. If you have an eye for aesthetic beauty but don't know how to express it creatively in words or with art, think about a job as a photographer. You know what a great shot looks like when you see it, but capturing that perfect moment takes skill and effort. Learning how to take photographs can lead to owning your own business or working for a corporation.

Painting and writing are also creative careers, but you may have a harder time finding work in these fields. If you're passionate about what you do and deliver high-quality results, that passion shows through in your deliverables. Let your personality show through your portfolio of work as you interview for a creative job. Tell your unique story and market your personal brand if you try to land a job with an employer or convince clients to hire you for a project.

Calming Person

Your personality reflects someone who is calm, cool and collected. Try finding a career in counseling, because you can diffuse almost any type of tense situation. Counseling can lead to a job at a school, a private practice or with a major health care provider. Counselors likely need professional degrees and certification from a state board. Counselors blend a calm personality with a problem solver.

Another rewarding career for a calm person is teaching. You have to get 30 kids to stay on the same topic for six hours a day. You also need to solve problems of how to get a diverse bunch of children to learn the same skills even though each person learns differently.

No matter what career you choose for your personality, there are plenty of options out there. Finding out which career suits you best is the first step to a fulfilling professional life.

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