What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

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If you have too many things to do in a day and you need help, it may be time to hire a personal assistant. A personal assistant is a business professional that works for you to make your job easier, and they can relieve some of the anxiety caused by work. Here are just some of the things your assistant could do.

Office Scheduling

Your personal assistant can help make sure your schedule is in order at all times. He can handle the scheduling of all your appointments for work and your personal life, and he can remind you when you need to be places or have someone coming in for a meeting. He will look at your calendar to book trips or events, and they can incorporate your family activities, such as sporting events and other obligations. He can also cancel appointments for you when you are running late or it is otherwise necessary.

The assistant will make sure you have your schedule easily accessible at all times through your phone or another smart device, and he will email or call you when you need to know about important changes. You can delegate him any responsibilities during the day.

Complete Tasks and Tackle Your to Do List

You can improve efficiency and maximize your efforts throughout the day with a personal assistant because he can work on your to do list. He can return phone calls to confirm information, call to get quotes, dates and information you need for clients, and perform basic research for you throughout the day. He can help clean out your email inbox, screen all your phone calls and send out emails to your clients and co-workers.

Your personal assistant can print documents for you, put together packets for employees or clients, make advertisements and order more business cards. Assistants can also do personal errands and tasks, such as getting coffee, picking up dry cleaning, ordering items online and buying gifts for people for you.

Consult and Assist

If your personal assistant is a professional in your industry, you can have him consult with you on accounts and clients that you have. He can help you interview for positions within the company, brainstorm for marketing ideas and campaigns, and meet with other professionals in your office space on your behalf. He can even handle some of your appointments with your clients.

There are many professionals that use an assistant to help minimize their work loads, or you could get an assistant to help out more than one professional in your office. If you feel you can increase your productivity throughout the day and improve your business and sales with the help of a personal assistant, make a hiring advertisement and start interviewing applicants as quickly as possible.


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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    So true @Kathryn. Knowing everything that is going on is the best way to keep on top of things. Knowing your boss and how he works will make life so much easier since you will be able to anticipate what he needs. I loved being an Executive Assistant and had two wonderful bosses. I was their right hand for everything and was happy to do it. I was appreciated. Sounds corny but fresh flowers on my desk brought days of pleasure - just knowing that I was appreciated for all of my hard work.

  • Kathryn Oleson
    Kathryn Oleson

    A Personal Assistant is by far as necessary to an employer as is their right hand. The assistant will be able to handle phone calls, emails, inter-office correspondence, take and type out-going correspondences, and many other office oriented duties assigned with which to satisfy the employer at any time. Being able to anticipate a move is helpful and appreciated. Salary discussed at interview will be consistent with experience.

  • Marvin Johnson
    Marvin Johnson

    We are the middle men and do the bulk of the work and should be compensated well

  • Kimiko M.
    Kimiko M.

    Stay focused on your goals. Seek direction from those who are successful in your plan. Be positive until you have accomplished your mission.

  • wanda w.
    wanda w.

    I like the variety and challenges this position offers. I like to be able to mult-tasking!

  • wanda w.
    wanda w.

    easier and more productive

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    So very true @Md.K. A personal assistant is such a valuable asset to any manager - always keeping the boss on track and on schedule and making sure that everything runs smoothly. As Shirlene said - lots of variety and challenges offered.

  • Md. K.
    Md. K.

    Thats why no timing and miss timing he has going to lost having a assistant....!!!! he has to take all the responsibilities of his boss working posses and the planning and give him note for further future planning. thats all

  • Shirlene S.
    Shirlene S.

    Love the variety and challenges this position offers.

  • Asia W.
    Asia W.


  • Karen T.
    Karen T.

    I believe the job in the Chicago area are Executive Assistants.

  • Phyllis Fucci
    Phyllis Fucci

    Sounds interesting. Are they actually out there? I have never seen any posts for this in Central New Jersey.

  • Adrienne M.
    Adrienne M.

    Sign me up! Sounds like great opportunities, however, I have not seen any posted in Connecticut.

  • Barbara Jenkins
    Barbara Jenkins

    How can I find these jobs? I have been offered jobs as a Personal Asst but was very weary of them. They just didn't sound legit.

  • Angelique Evans
    Angelique Evans

    Very good information


    Fits me to a 'T'.


    Did that at my last 2 jobs and more

  • Valerie H.
    Valerie H.

    Job sounds interesting. Thank you!

  • Kim U.
    Kim U.

    I think it would be a really interesting & rewarding job being a Personal Assist. Your job would vary and it would be different than sitting behind a computer everyday. I am interested in it!

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