What Should You NOT Ask at the Interview?

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Job seekers are in a competitive market, and how you perform during job interviews can make or break your opportunities. Interview questions are a common part of your first meeting, but asking questions to the employer is also crucial. Avoid asking the following four questions when speaking to a potential employer during an interview.

1. What Does Your Firm Do?

Candidates who ask a basic question like this during a job interview reveal that they did not take the time to research the company. Avoid an awkward moment by preparing thoroughly before you enter the front door. Research the firm's mission, goals and company culture as well as the product and service line. When equipped with information about the company, you are better prepared to ask questions that dig deeper into how you can make a positive impact as an employee.

2. How Do You Handle Conflicts With Supervisors?

Avoid bringing a negative tone into the conversation. Candidates who ask about conflict management during a job interview indicate that they have dealt with conflict in the past or anticipate conflict. You don't want to reveal that you are resistant to authority. Instead, offer solid examples of how you have handled customer complaints to show that you can keep your cool while dealing with conflict.

3. What Are the Benefits?

If you are focused primarily on salary and benefits during a job interview, it could indicate that you are only seeking financial gain from this opportunity. Stray from asking about compensation, vacation time or insurance benefits until you are offered the position or in negotiations. The first meeting with a potential employer is a time to ask interview questions about how you can make a difference within the firm and showcase your skills and qualifications. Ask about the company culture and the management structure versus inquiring about what you can personally gain from employment with this firm.

4. Are the Work Hours Long?

Applicants who are focused on the number of hours they are required to work often leave the impression that they plan to work as little as possible. Stray from focusing on the specific work hours until you have been offered the position. During the job interview, detail how you go above and beyond to complete projects and work with team members without focusing on how many hours you've had to work at previous jobs. Show that you are eager and willing to work until projects are successfully completed.

You have one opportunity to make a positive impression during a job interview. Show that you are professional, skilled and eager by posing questions that demonstrate your genuine interest in the company and industry. Also, ask about the different ways you can make a positive impact on the organization's culture and overall operations.

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