What are the Benefits of Having Two Bosses?

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In the contemporary office, it is rare for anyone to have a personal secretary. With modern technology decreasing the time necessary for many administrative tasks, it is becoming common for two bosses or more to share a single administrative assistant. This setup can have several advantages for savvy administrative workers and some disadvantages as well.

Less Waiting

Some administrative tasks require input before they can be completed. When you work for two bosses, there is nearly always something to do while you're waiting for feedback. This increases your productivity and helps prevent boredom on the job. The downside is you have a heavier workload and need to learn to prioritize important tasks over more routine assignments.

Different Personalities

When you have two bosses, you get to interact with people with different personalities. If there is something you dislike about one, the other is likely to not have that particular trait. For example, one of your bosses might emphasize productivity while the other might like to joke around on the job. This combination can help you maintain your focus while still providing levity when you need it. Watch out for the natural tendency to prioritize work from the manager you like the best. Stay professional by prioritizing urgent tasks regardless of who assigns them.

Broader Work Experience

Administrative assistants who work for two bosses get more variety in their work assignments. This can help you increase your skills in different areas, and it is often more interesting than working on a narrower range of assignments. You have access to two or more leadership role models to help you grow your own leadership skills. Unfortunately, if your workload is too diverse, you might feel less competent and are less likely to develop expert-level skills in any one area. If you feel too stretched, talk to your managers about your workload. It might be that your managers are forgetting you have duties outside of the tasks each personally requests you to complete.


Although you might be nervous about having to deal with oversight from two managers, this can also be a benefit. With two bosses, you are less likely to forget important items, and you get more feedback to help you develop your skills. Your two bosses may have different business priorities, and that can help you maintain a larger connection to your company and its mission and goals. Two bosses give you a more balanced picture of the company your work for, which is great for your long-term career with the organization.

Working for two bosses can be challenging at times, but there are many benefits, such as more opportunities for learning, less boredom and a better sense of balance. When working for two bosses, remember to prioritize your work tasks and respect all of your managers equally. If problems arise, communicate right away. Multiple managers are less likely to notice if you are struggling with your workload or having other problems.

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