What to Do When You Accepted a Position But Are Still Scheduled for Interviews?

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In general, it is never a good idea to go to previously scheduled job interviews after you accept a position with another company. Think carefully about your options before accepting an offer, because once you accept, the best course of action is to cancel all of your scheduled interviews. You may be tempted to keep on interviewing hoping for a better offer, but there are many reasons to avoid this behavior.

It Looks Bad to Your New Employer

If people at the company that hired you find out you are still interviewing with other companies, they are going to question your commitment and the integrity of your word. This is not a good way to begin a new job. There is even a chance the job offer could be pulled, leaving you without a position. Your reputation in the industry could be harmed, making it difficult to find employment. Hiring managers understand the cost of bad hires and do not want to offer positions to those who might have second thoughts about working for their company.

Your New Position Might Not Feel So Special

If you keep attending job interviews after accepting a job offer, you are likely to second guess your first choice. This could cause lasting dissatisfaction with that position. If you actually decide to accept a different position and back out of your first acceptance, again, word will get out, and your reputation will be harmed. Canceling all previously scheduled job interviews is the safest way to move smoothly and contentedly into your new position once you make a decision.

You May Feel Guilt

Even if you believe you have good reasons for continuing with scheduled job interviews, you are likely to know on some level that it is wrong. This could lead to feelings of guilt about not honoring your commitment 100 percent. Your personal integrity is important so think carefully before choosing to do something that might lessen it. You are also taking interview spots from other potential employees who need jobs. Reduce your guilt and maintain your integrity by canceling job interviews promptly to open up spots to other job seekers.

You're Wasting Time

Ultimately, attending job interviews after you make a commitment to another position is a waste of your time and the time of the people with whom you are interviewing. Show consideration by letting those people know right away that you won't be coming in for the interview. Then, spend that time celebrating or preparing for your new position.

Canceling scheduled job interviews is easy. Simply send a quick email telling your contact that you accepted an offer with another company. Your contact will appreciate your honesty, and your new employer will appreciate your commitment.

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