When Job Searching Should You Follow Your Heart or Head?

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It's completely natural when you are job searching to wonder which direction you should take. Following your head may be the smart thing to do, but if you really want to live your life's passion, you will learn how to follow your heart.

Ask yourself what has been missing from your previous administrative posts when you begin job searching. Perhaps you are stuck in a rut working in retail when you would rather be working alone and writing your first novel. Think about what you really want to get out of life and understand exactly what drives you. Get in touch with your heart and find out what your true passions are. Then, direct the job searching process toward those goals. Don't wait until you feel like it's the smart thing to do, but listen to your heart and take chances.

When you make the decision to follow your heart, your head will quickly let you know you are making the wrong choice when job searching. This fearful part of yourself is also called the ego. It will begin telling you a list of reasons why you can't accomplish your goals. You will probably remember things from your past that will trigger feelings of unease. You will remember every rejection and every failure that is associated with your life's passion. When you decide to stop listening to your head and do what you really love, it may be scary and you may need to take risks; you may also have to go against family expectations or desires, which can cause controversy. When this happens, you have to learn to face your fears and do what you love even if you are scared.

When you connect with what you are meant to do and start job searching in that direction, you will find that work no longer seems like work. Those who listen to their heart when job searching often say they would consider doing that particular job even if they did not get paid to do it. Ideas will flow and you will find it easy to talk about the thing you are meant to do. Often, when you listen to your heart it will be the one thing that you find yourself thinking about all of the time. Direct your job searching to something that fuels you every day. Turn your career into something you love.

Job searching in the direction your heart is taking you can be challenging, but the reduced stress and happiness that you receive in the end will be well worth it. Start paying close attention to the things you do for fun in your spare time and direct your job search to that path.


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