Why Veterans Make Great Hires

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Men and women who have been in the military possess a special set of skills they learned while enlisted, which is why hiring veterans makes good business sense. Despite this, the unemployment rate among Gulf War military vets is higher than the national average. A few government programs and outreach efforts are trying to change this, and it is finally leading to a falling vet unemployment rate.

One of the most valuable business skills that military vets generally have is the ability to adjust on the fly. During combat, a plan can quickly fall apart, necessitating the need to quickly come up with a new plan. This kind of quick thinking without panicking should make hiring veterans a priority for any company, especially at the management level. Vets also are used to working in a team environment, a skill which human resources managers often look for when trying to fill jobs. The discipline, attention to detail, and integrity that is instilled from day one of basic training are all great reasons for hiring veterans.

A recent list released by CareerCast Veterans Network has mapped out the best jobs for veterans of the military based on their skills and abilities. Out of the top ten jobs listed, four of them were in management with good starting salaries and room for growth and promotion. This assessment was based primarily on team building and disciplinary skills that are one of the hallmarks of military life. Another top position is in telecommunications equipment installation, which coincides with the fact that telecom giant AT&T's installation workforce is comprised of more than 60 percent veterans. In fact, many companies with a need for IT workers are finally catching on to the fact that hiring veterans for these positions is good for business.

In order to get these jobs, veterans may need some additional certifications or knowledge to make the transition to the civilian workforce. President Obama has instituted the Military Credentialing and Licensing Task Force to achieve this task, making it easier for vets to find a job. The national IT firm Genesis10 has a program that helps former military workers adjust to corporate life so that they are more marketable for a fast-paced and competitive business environment. Once vets have skills and certifications through these programs, companies find that hiring veterans is a much easier choice.

After veterans leave the military, some find it hard at first to get used to life in the civilian world. This is especially true when it comes to finding a job, because some have excellent skills but lack certifications or schooling needed to compete for top jobs. This is changing due to targeted programs and outreach efforts that help make hiring veterans more common, leading to a drop in the overall veteran unemployment rate.


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