Why Would You Throw Your Best Employee Under the Bus?

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Employee engagement is one of the most critical elements of preserving your staff. However, when a business manager is overcome by fear or intimidation, his actions could drastically impact the workplace culture, morale and performance of the staff. Analyze the reasons why managers may be prone to treating employees unfairly to avoid making the same mistakes at your firm, and evaluate how these experiences can help you succeed.

Acting on Fear

Plain and simple, a business manager who tries to thwart your success is likely fearful of your growth and talent. When hired, your supervisor saw your potential and predicted that your performance would ultimately enhance his presence at the firm as well as the company's bottom line. Once your talents were put to use, fear - an emotional, not intellectual reaction - crept into his mind, ultimately leading him to sabotage your success for purely selfish reasons. Managers who view employees as a threat to their own growth within the company act on their insecurities and fear, which can lead to an unpleasant work environment for staff members who should be rewarded versus penalized.

Identifying the Silver Lining

While it can be uncomfortable working for a business manager who seems to be out to get you, there are several things you can learn from this experience. His actions help you to identify if the company is a good fit for you. For example, you now know what fear looks like from a manager's standpoint and can easily identify when the workplace culture and morale is heading downhill. As a result, when interviewing for new positions, you can recognize whether or not a business manager at a new firm feels threatened by your talents and skills.

When a business manager continues to thwart your growth as a professional, you learn more about your strengths. Enduring this type of behavior shows you that you have determination and are able to stay calm in situations that are stressful and uncomfortable. Employers seek individuals who can navigate through pressure from both clients, co-workers and managers on a daily basis. When interviewing for a new position, provide examples of how you were able to remain professional in an unpleasant work environment.

When working with a manager who lets fear take over, employees learn more about the power they possess. Know that your talents are impressive enough to change someone's behavior, and use this to your advantage when selling your skills or encouraging employee engagement. Stay confident in your abilities to perform well under pressure and accomplish projects and tasks that seem daunting to others.

Although it is not ideal to work for a business manager who tries to thwart your success, the lessons learned from the experience can help you acknowledge your worth. The experience may also motivate you to develop a unique and positive leadership style that makes you eligible for higher-level positions.

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