Why You Should Have a 30-Second Video Elevator Pitch (And How to Do It)

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Social media has afforded the world endless opportunity to connect and show off, but it’s also been a great way for companies to determine whether or not a candidate is right for a position. With that in mind, it’s important for job seekers to utilize social media to their advantage—and a 30-second elevator pitch video on your LinkedIn or other professional social media platforms is one very stand-out way to impress.

If you aren’t familiar with elevator pitches, they are a quick speech designed to sell a product, or in this case yourself, in a short time frame. So, how do you incorporate that into your social media? It’s actually very simple and gives your online presence a unique edge.

Videos can showcase your personality in ways your resume never can. Putting a face to your name and the cover letter gives companies a chance to really get to know who you are and what you like before they begin the interview process.

Not only will an elevator pitch clip show off who you are, it lets hiring managers know that you have a knack for selling. This is an important skill to have, especially in customer service and sales jobs. If you can convince employers that your right for the job in 30-seconds or less, that’s an impressive skill in and of its self.

Ready for your pitch? Here’s how to get it uploaded.

Write your pitch.
First, you have to perfect your elevator pitch. Start by introducing yourself with a brief summary of what it is that you do. Then explain what you are hoping to accomplish in your next career step. You should finish with a call to action inviting potential employers to learn more about you through your profile. This should be roughly 30-seconds. You can find great examples of 30-second pitches on The Balance Careers along with more tips on crafting your speech.

Make the video.
When you have your perfect pitch, it’s time to make the video you will upload. While recording, you should make sure you look presentable, but this can be a casual undertaking. Your hair should be kept up, and you should be in a comfortable environment. Your tone should be casual, and you shouldn’t seem like you’re reading off of something. It’s essential that you memorize your pitch and speak to the camera, not stare at a piece of paper.

Upload the video.
For LinkedIn, you are going to want to upload the video as a post on your page and pin it to the top of your page. You should also consider putting it on your professional Facebook or Instagram accounts. Facebook should be a pinned post as well, but Instagram could be in the form of a story or highlight.

In today’s market where everyone has all the same impressive resume aspects that you do, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. An elevator pitch is great to have memorized in your back pocket anyway, but a video on your social media profiles could be a great way to show off your skills and personality to potential employers.


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