Why You Shouldn't Say No to Internships After You Graduate

Carlee Nilphai
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After college graduation, everyone wants to go straight into their dream job and never look back. It’s easy to feel the need to only accept paid full-time jobs out of school, but a lot of recent grads don’t see the value in applying for and taking internships after they walk across the stage.


But internships are not just for current students. Internships can provide recent graduates (and even those seeking to change careers) amazing experience in the working world that can launch them into even better opportunities.


Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t turn your nose up at internships if you have already graduated college.


1.  You get your foot in the door with companies.

Sometimes your resume isn’t enough to get the gig. Having experience as an intern at a company is a great way to build relationships with executives and other employees within the company. This makes it more likely that hiring managers will want to bring you onto a full-time position.


2.  It’s a networking opportunity.

Even if the internships you take aren’t with companies you have dreamt of, they are an excellent way to network. Fellow interns and supervisors will be surrounding you every day. You could build a professional relationship with someone who goes onto work at a company you apply to in the future, and that connection could be your in.


3.  You can learn more about the job you want.

A lot of people get out into the real world and realize that the job they thought they wanted just isn’t for them. Internships can help you figure out whether the job is something you really want, without the commitment of a full-time job.


There is nothing wrong with taking an internship after school is done, especially if it’s with a big company. Internships are a great opportunity to explore careers and learn more about what you want in your career.


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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Narciso G. thanks for your comments. In the past, most internships did go to those young people who had just graduated from college. But, in today's world, with remote learning, etc. many folk are getting degrees later in life and still want to go for an internship. Don't let age get in your way. If this is something you want, you should go for it!

  • Narciso G.
    Narciso G.

    I would be happy with an internship. I have a BSME and MSME, and 27 years of experience, and I want to work in areas of Mechanical Engineering, like manufacturing engineer or product design engineer, in which I have never worked. How can I get an internship at my age?

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