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Every professional knows that watching your body language and formulating the right answers are key to interview success, but the words you use are just as vital. Here are a few essential phrases and powerful words to work into your conversation during your next job interview. With these words in your arsenal, you're sure to impress even the toughest interviewer.

Saying "I Want This Job"

While it may seem strange to explicitly state this, never assume that the interviewer knows you want to the job simply because you're interviewing. You need to put your foot forward to indicate that you're truly interested in the position by using the words "I want this job." Your enthusiasm is just as important to the interviewer as your actual experience in the field, if not more. Whatever you do, don't be afraid of sounding awkward. Simply find an appropriate time to state the phrase during the job interview and say it with positive energy and a smile.

Other Impactful Words to Use

Throughout the job interview, use the vocabulary that hiring managers want to hear. One essential word to use is "excited," which helps to convey your enthusiasm for the position. You should also mention "mentors" and "colleagues" when talking about your strengths or past accomplishments to show that you're a good team player. "Persistence" and "curiosity" are other powerful words to use during your job interview as they are important attributes to possess regardless of the position or career field.

If you want to emphasize to the interviewer that you're productivity-minded and driven, use the word "motivated." You can also work into your answers how you'd like to build a career in the company, which shows that you're invested in the opportunity. When wrapping up the job interview, be sure to throw in a few words of gratitude such as, "I really appreciate your taking the time to meet me," or simply, "Thank you for your time."

Using the Interviewer's Name

Before the job interview, learn the interviewer's name so you can use it during your meeting. This establishes a stronger personal connection, but don't go over the top. Limit name use to the moment you greet the interviewer and the moment before you leave when you're expressing your appreciation for the opportunity. Just remember to err on the formal side by using Mr. or Ms. alongside the interviewer's last name. During the interview, you should also use the company's name to convey greater interest. Mention why you'd like to work at the company as well as how you plan to contribute.

While nonverbal cues are important, words still hold a lot of weight during a job interview. Practice answering common interview questions using these words and phrases so you can use them naturally when you wake up on interview day.

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