Work/Life Balance When Working From Home

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Working from home may seem ideal, but many professionals struggle with maintaining a daily schedule and remaining productive. Although your residence might be quiet, additional distractions can impact your productivity. Establish a healthy work/life balance to ensure you make the most out of each day and perform at your highest level.

Get Out Of Your Pajamas

Working all day long in your comfy clothes and slippers seems like a dream. However, when working from home, an environment that is too comfortable may not put you in the right mindset to complete important projects. Adjust your schedule to allow time for getting dressed, just as you would when going into the office, so you are dressed for success and ready to conquer your workload as a professional. How you dress directly affects how you feel, and if you are still sporting your pajamas by lunch time, it can be tempting to tuck yourself back in for a nap.

Choose a Designated Workspace

Transform a portion of your home into an office or a designated workspace so it feels more professional when you are working from home. If you are working from a cramped kitchen table or sofa, you probably don't have a spot for office files, client receipts or other important company information. A designated workspace also separates you from distractions such as dishes piling up in the sink or visible loads of laundry that need to be washed. If possible, close yourself off in the designated space to maximize your concentration during working hours.

Block Off Time For Work and Play

Create a balance between work and play by crafting a daily schedule that allows for both. Many professionals who are working from home find themselves typing memos or analyzing financial data late into the evening, which results in all work and no play. On the other hand, without a consistent schedule and routine, it can be tempting to watch a few hours of television or take an afternoon dip in the pool when you should be concentrating on your work responsibilities.

Break Free From the Trap

Many professionals working from home often feel trapped in isolation. Schedule in a few breaks to refresh your mind and body. For example, schedule time to walk the dog, or jog around the neighborhood for 15 minutes. The time away from your desk helps to energize you and may even offer you a chance to converse with the neighbors so you don't feel quite so alone all day long.

Maximize your productivity while working from home by crafting a consistent schedule for the day that gives you a healthy work/life balance. Prevent feelings of isolation or loneliness by keeping in touch with your colleagues as a telecommuter or reaching out to other at-home professionals online.

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