You Are Sitting in Front of the Interviewer. Now What?

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As a job seeker, getting a call from a prospective employer for a job interview is an exciting experience. However, you must be prepared in order to effectively showcase your professionalism and your skills. Take these steps to impress hiring managers and show that you are the best candidate for the job.

1. Ask Questions

A key part of preparation for a job interview is to rehearse answers to common interview questions. Put together a professional response to common questions such as "Why do you want to work for us?" and "Why should we hire you?" It's also crucial to prepare a list of questions to ask your interviewer. Ask about the duties of the positions, the company culture and the expectations of the job. Show that you have thoroughly researched the company by asking questions about the firm's achievements, efforts in the community and product or service line. Enhance your knowledge of the company, too, by reaching out to members of your professional network or current and former employees prior to your job interview.

2. Present Yourself Professionally

Put your best foot forward during a job interview by dressing the part. Pay close attention to your wardrobe by wearing a suit or professional attire that is ironed and clean. Many candidates are often nervous for this first meeting, so avoid wearing any dangling jewelry, scarves or accessories that may prompt you to fidget, ultimately distracting the interviewer away from the important information you are sharing. Brush your hair away from your face, and opt for a natural look if applying makeup. Your body language also matters when answering interview questions. Speak clearly and slowly in a tone of voice that is pleasant and enthusiastic. Avoid using fillers within your speech, and smile often to highlight your personality.

3. Remain Focused

While some hiring managers like to throw out questions that purposely confuse or derail applicants, you can navigate these difficult encounters by remaining focused and positive. For example, if an employer asks about your weaknesses, spotlight areas of your experience that you are actively working to improve. Then, direct the conversation toward your proficient skills and qualifications that are related to the job. A job interview doesn't have to be a challenging experience if you prepare ample information to deliver, such as specific scenarios of how you work well with teams, meet customer needs and delegate tasks.

Candidates who spend ample time preparing questions to ask while also networking with professionals in the industry are better able to present themselves professionally in order to impress potential employers. Make sure that your next job interview goes smoothly by reviewing common questions hiring managers ask and dressing professionally to show that you are a great fit for the company and the best candidate for the position.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Mark Schwein thanks for the great comment. Absolutely you should ALWAYS call if you are unable to attend the interview. By not calling, you not only inconvenience the interviewer but everyone else involved in the process of getting you in for the interview in the first place. And folks don't realize just how small our world has become with the advent of social media. Incredibly easy to blacklist a person these days. So take heed everyone! If you can't make the interview always always call and reschedule!!!!

  • Mark Schweim
    Mark Schweim

    And if an interview is scheduled but something comes up causing you to be unable to go to the interview... ALWAYS CALL-IN and request for the interview to be re-scheduled!!!

    I had one scheduled yesterday I was unable to attend due to work schedule change. When I tried to reschedule, they were HAPPY to do so and said that they had MANY applicants who were removed from consideration because they just didn't show up for the interview, but since I was willing to call in advance to try to reschedule, they were OVERJOYED and willing to reschedule, telling me how almost nobody bothers to try getting an interview they end up unable to attend rescheduled.

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