You Need These 4 Kinds of Experience on Your Resume

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Past experience is one of the most important points on your resume, but hiring managers are looking for more than just a list of your previous jobs. Tweak your resume to include these four essential types of experience to increase your chances of standing out in the resume pile.

1. Problem-Solving Skills

Hiring managers are always on the lookout for candidates who can solve problems in the workplace and overcome barriers in innovative, creative ways. To demonstrate this on your resume, use bullet points or short paragraphs to mention times you streamlined a process for efficiency, helped an organization save money or solved a seemingly hopeless issue. If you can't yet boast this type of experience, seek out opportunities to practice your creative problem-solving, such as through volunteering or taking a prominent role in a club.

2. Technical Experience

While not all positions require the same level of technical expertise, most hiring managers like to see at least some relevant technical experience on your resume. This may include college coursework, degrees or certifications for skills that may range from computer programming languages to software skills. While specific skills are essential, don't underestimate the value of skills with broader applications, such as speaking a second language. List these technical skills on your resume as bullet points, including only those relevant to the position for which you're applying.

3. Management of Projects and People

A combination of experience in management and soft skills, such as time management and interpersonal communication, can easily boost the effectiveness of your resume. Jot down any time during which you were in charge of a group of people, led a project's development or were in charge of managing a budget. Detailing these on your resume as short stories rather than just listing your management skills as first-hand experience is always more convincing to hiring managers. To gain more management experience, consider taking an online management course, volunteering to manage a small event or seeking a certificate in nonprofit management.

4. Experience With Relevant Projects

If you've worked in a similar position to the one you're applying or worked on related projects in college, include this on your resume. Potential employers look for this practical experience to help ensure a shorter learning curve and more capable hires. If you don't yet have much project experience, consider applying for relevant internships, joining relevant student organizations or volunteering in your chosen field.

These four experience categories may not always carry equal weight, but each can increase your chances of impressing a hiring manager and getting called to an interview. Start taking steps to develop the experience you need to create the ultimate resume, helping you get ahead in a competitive job market.

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