Ace Your Interview: Proven Strategies to Impress Hiring Managers

Makayla Oliver
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Interviewing for a job is an exciting opportunity to showcase what kind of person employers would be bringing on board. While it is a wonderful next step, interviewing can come with some questions about what to expect. Every interview may vary, but they usually go in a similar pattern that can be broken down to give you an idea of what to be ready for to stand out among other candidates.

The Setting

Whether the interview is in-person, or through a video call, show up well. This includes being punctual and dressing professionally. Although the interviewer ultimately will make their decision to move you forward based on your answers, setting the stage for a sense of professionalism is a great start. Going into an interview looking and feeling your best is sure to help deliver a great interview.

“Why Work Here?”

It’s a simple question that may be overlooked when preparing for an interview. Doing some research into the company you’re interviewing with gives insight into the values and mission statement of the company and allows you to form some questions for later in the interview. Some light research into the company’s history and future goals helps you gain an idea of where your own goals overlap and how you may be the perfect fit. Showing enthusiasm in this way is sure to excite the interviewer and display commitment to the company in this early stage of the hiring process. 

Examples of Solving Problems

Regardless of what position you’re applying for, being asked how you would solve a problem is a typical interview question. Particularly because it allows an interviewer to judge your responses to certain scenarios deeming whether they align with protocol, or if it’s an area where they see potential growth. Being prepared with examples from past work or life experience sets you up for more seamless responses. Having some examples on deck that are specifically related to situations with coworkers, customers/clients, or overcoming unforeseen obstacles can be helpful in crafting a well-worded response. 

Weaknesses and Strengths

This portion of the interview comes with immense opportunity to show originality. Ultimately, hiring managers are looking for qualities that show you’re a good worker and a good student. All companies have their own values and protocol so having someone on board that is still teachable is attractive. This allows you to turn a negative into a positive, using a weakness to show how you’re overcoming it. Express how you’ve put in effort to grow in this area and why it’s important. This kind of honesty shows a level of humility and willingness to improve. This is an invaluable quality to hiring managers who are looking to make the investment in bringing someone like you into their business. When it comes to strengths, don’t underestimate natural qualities or soft skills. Being personable and outgoing goes a long way in the workplace, and while it may not be a hard skill, it is one that makes a good coworker. Sharing where your strengths are and where you’re working to improve upon them shows determination and discipline which are both very hirable qualities.

Questions For the Interviewer

This last portion is a great way to end the interview with confidence. Consider some questions ahead of time about the company and the job to get a better sense if the job is a right fit for you. Job seeking isn’t always seen as a two-way street, but you’re also shopping around your talent and abilities to employers. Some examples of questions could involve asking your interviewer why they like working for the employer, how long they’ve been employed with them. Another could be asking about potential obstacles they’ve seen for the applied-for position to gain a sense of what you may be facing in the role that may not be obvious to applicants, further preparing yourself to step into the role.

Lastly, end the interview with grace and gratitude. Being genuine and confident leaves a lasting impression on anyone, especially employers. 


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