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Interviews can make or break your chances of landing the right job. Therefore, when answering tough interview questions such as "tell me about yourself," it's important to prepare a well-rounded answer that puts your professionalism and experience on display. Seek out job interview tips while preparing, and resist the urge to reveal any personal information when answering what is often deemed one of the trickiest inquiries from interviewers.

The "tell me about yourself" inquiry is often asked as a warm up question at the very beginning of the interview, especially if the interviewer plans to move into deeper questions that require critical thinking later in the interview. Interviewers also ask this question to obtain an overview of your experience, successes and skills, according to a Jobfully article. How you answer this a key factor in determining what sets you apart from other interviewees.

Instead of reciting your resume or offering a long, drawn-out overview of your skills and experience, show you have done your research on the company and position by providing examples of how your experience matches the skills needed for the potential position. For instance, only discuss relevant experiences or similar roles in which you have excelled in the past to show you have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the position. Keep your answer brief at approximately one minute, so the interviewer can make comments or interrupt with follow-up interview questions.

Offer short anecdotes that describe real-life scenarios in the workplace. For example, if you worked with a client to resolve a problem similar to what you would encounter in the new position, detail how you provided a solution and delivered excellent customer service when answering interview questions.

Job interview tips for answering the "tell me about yourself" interview questions warn interviewees from divulging personal information, such as family status, age, race or personal goals that can be used to discriminate or steer the conversation to a tone too casual for a professional interview, according to an article on Nexxt. This is not the time to brag about your children, your weekend plans or your significant other. Resist the urge to share family adventures or goals to have children in the future, which may cause the interviewer to question your commitment to the company.

The "tell me about yourself" inquiry may appear to be one of many broad interview questions, but in reality, the interviewer is expecting you to set the tone for the interview, provide a starting point for the discussion and offer a brief overview of why you would be the best person for the position. Show off your professionalism by keeping the answer brief, relevant and engaging to land the position and nail the interview.


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  • randy mccloskey
    randy mccloskey

    Great advice but always keep in mind,if a person is extremely busy in their life don't forget you'll could lose great talent by any knee jerk reaction.

  • Mike R.
    Mike R.

    This type of question, is perfect for the person to express the inner person in oneself. Explain what your strengths and loyalty and commitment to always do better than the previous day or week past.

  • Teresa D.
    Teresa D.

    I love how informative and useful the interview tips are sometimes we job seekers get to relax at a interview and hurt our chances of obtaining the job.


    Very helpful. I like the part about giving brief examples in your response that directly tie to the position you are applying for.


    Quite helpful tips.

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