Are You Asking These Questions at Your Interview?

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Your job search should include not only preparing answers to interview questions, but also compiling questions to ask the interviewer. Hiring managers seek out candidates who are well-versed in the company's operations and culture. Asking questions that reveal your interest and eagerness to learn even more about the organization can significantly increase your opportunities and make a solid first impression.

"Why Do You Work for This Company?"

Show genuine interest in why employees have established careers with the company by asking this interview question of the hiring manager or hiring committee. This type of question helps to build a personal connection and allows the interviewer to highlight positive aspects of the business as a whole. As an interviewee, it also shows that you are selective when choosing an employer.

"Can You Describe Your Company Culture?"

Inquire about aspects of the position and the duties, and then ask about the company's culture to capture a clear look at how employees engage with one another. Asking these types of interview questions shows hiring managers that you value both client relationships and coworker connections. Show interviewers that you're looking for a cultural fit as well as a professional fit during your job search.

"How Has the Past Influenced the Present Here?"

Make it clear to the hiring manager that you have done your homework by posing interview questions about specific strategies and actions of the company that you discovered during your research. For example, if the company acquired another business or expanded into a different industry, ask the interviewer about how these changes affected the company's productivity, profitability and overall culture. Show that you are interested in the company's growth and how it affects your professional trajectory.

"What Are the Company's Plans for Strategic Growth?"

A well-rounded candidate has an interest in the longevity of the company. Asking these types of interview questions indicates that you are not just looking for a short-term solution and that long-term employment is a top priority for you. Inquire as to the company's organizational initiatives and its plans for various product or service lines to show hiring managers that you are invested in the company's strategic goals and mission. Show confidence in your abilities to further promote the growth of the company by launching a conversation about the successes of the business strategies already employed.

Employers and hiring managers are accustomed to taking questions during an interview, and the kinds of questions you ask during that time tell them more about your skills and experience. When you plan interview questions to learn more about the potential opportunity and the company offering it, it indicates a genuine interest in the company and a willingness to put forth the time and effort to ensure the position is a good fit for you.

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