Are You Asking These Top Ten Interview Questions?

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Any successful job interview consists of a fair mix of questions being answered and asked by you, the hopeful candidate. Your interview is not just a chance for you to show off your stellar job skills by answering the hiring manager's questions; it also serves as an opportunity to make your own inquiries to find out whether this position suits you. Consider these top 10 questions to ask at your next job interview.

1. "How Would You Describe the Company Culture?"

Asking about the corporate culture during your job interview helps you feel confident that you can fit into the environment and work well with your colleagues.

2. "Why Is This Position Vacant?"

Asking about the previous candidate who had the position gives you some clues into whether advancement opportunities are possible. You may even learn that it's a newly created position.

3. "What Do You Like About Working Here?"

This question gives you more insight into the company culture by letting you turn the tables on the hiring manager.

4. "What Are Some Challenges a New Hire Might Face?"

Getting an idea of what trials lie ahead for the selected candidate lets you prepare yourself and helps you determine whether this challenge is right for you.

5. "How Is Performance Evaluated Here?"

Asking about performance evaluations during your job interview gives you a taste of how the organization treats its employees and also shows your dedication to performing to the best of your abilities.

6. "What Changes Are Expected for the Company in the Future?"

By asking about the company's future, you demonstrate your dedication and show you expect to stay with the organization for the long term.

7. "What Is a Typical Schedule for This Position?"

Ask this question to determine the work hours for the position. This lets you know whether overtime is a common practice and makes you aware of requirements to work on nights or weekends.

8. "What Have the Most Successful Employees in this Position Done?"

Asking about past employee successes gives you some insight into what you need to do to be effective in the role and shows your willingness to accept feedback.

9. "Are There Any Reasons You Wouldn't Hire Me?"

Asking about the hiring manager's concerns gives you a chance to address them directly.

10. "What Are the Next Steps?"

Always ask this question at the end of your job interview so you know what to expect and to show you're truly interested in the position.

When it comes time to prepare for your job interview, don't just practice your responses to common interview questions. In addition, come up with some insightful questions to ask the hiring manager to show your interest and determine how you might fit into the organization. Use these top 10 questions as a guide, and consider jotting down a few before your next job interview.

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