Are You Turning Recruiters Off?

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Whether you're just starting your job search or you're months in with no prospects in sight, a recruiter may be just the person you need. Job recruiters match employment hopefuls with career opportunities that best suit the candidates' skills and the hiring organizations' needs. Get to know these six behaviors that turn off a job recruiter to make sure you get the most out of your relationship and you don't make a costly career mistake.

1. Being Too Needy

Job recruiters typically work with many companies and job seekers and often face strict deadlines. Calling a recruiter every day to check on the status of an application or inquire about new positions is sure to put you at the bottom of his candidate list. Ask your job recruiter how often he prefers you to stay in touch by phone, and opt for email communications for any less pressing matters that may arise.

2. Dressing Poorly

The first impression you make on a job recruiter affects his decision to recommend you for future positions that become available. Always dress professionally when meeting with a recruiter, even if the position you want is in a more casual industry.

3. Lying

Never exaggerate in a cover letter, fudge the facts on a resume or lie during an interview. Job recruiters typically research candidates and are likely to uncover any falsehoods you present. This ruins your reputation with the recruiter and may damage your name with other contacts throughout the industry.

4. Not Paying Attention

Make sure you read each job announcement carefully before contacting a recruiter to express interest. Make sure you meet all the qualifications for the position, and ensure the salary, location and benefits align with your needs. Never waste a job recruiter's time by going for a job that you don't intend to take.

5. Representing Yourself Poorly

Use your social media accounts responsibly. Recruiters may look at your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles to get a sense of your personality, so make sure photos are tasteful and posts are appropriate.

6. Being Unprepared

If a recruiter calls you to his office to fill out additional paperwork or discuss a job opportunity, be sure to keep the appointment. Come prepared with any documentation required to demonstrate your reliability. If the need arises to cancel an appointment, provide the recruiter with as much notice as possible, and reschedule the meeting for a more suitable time.

Don't let your behavior turn off a job recruiter. While it is a recruiter's job to fill positions for companies, he has to feel confident about the job candidates he recommends. Making one of these serious mistakes could land your name on a recruiter's reject list.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Brandon J thanks for your question. Best way is to do a search on the Internet. Try searching for a recruiter in your area and industry such as Recruiter, Information Technology, Pittsburgh 15120. You can also do a search on sites like LinkedIn. Ask around, too. Ask friends who are working in your area of expertise if they know of anyone. And don't forget about networking, too. Contact former coworkers and ask if they know of any open positions. Sometimes they can get your resume into the right hands without going through the ATS. Don't be afraid to ask a prospective recruiter questions, either. Ask how their placement process works. Ask how long it takes. Ask what their success rate is. The recruiter is there to work for you so that basically puts you in the driver's seat. All the best and keep us posted.

  • Brandon J.
    Brandon J.

    Do you know a good recruiter that can help in the process?

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