Behaviors of Exceptional Leaders

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Exceptional leaders exhibit leadership behaviors that are often difficult to describe, but most employees recognize when they are working for a boss who knows how to manage in a nurturing and productive manner. Pinpoint the qualities of a good manager to create a more productive workplace, and adopt strategies that motivate employees and increase company loyalty.

An effective leader exhibits courage in the workplace, according to Dr. Travis Bradberry, president of TalentSmart. Employees observe leadership behaviors that are courageous and follow suit. Leaders who can make difficult decisions, defend and advocate for employees, and stay the course when confrontations arise earn more respect in the eyes of employees.

Communication is a key element of a productive and profitable company. Leaders who can communicate goals and priorities effectively often see better results and more dedication from employees. A manager who exhibits strong leadership behaviors by building a connection with employees also earns trust, which is a natural motivator in the workplace.

Leaders must also have a generous nature. Employees who witness their managers sharing praise and credit feel valued, and as a result, they may be more committed to the company's mission and goals, ultimately improving the profitability and productivity of the business. Leadership behaviors that inspire employees to succeed personally and professionally build a foundation for success in the workplace.

When managers display enthusiasm and passion, it indicates a commitment to employees and the company's success. Leaders who are excited and enthusiastic about projects and tasks have an infectiousness nature. These leadership behaviors infect employees and often negate the apathy and boredom that too often exists in the workplace.

Supervisors who know how to manage by trusting employees and encouraging independence often see better results on a daily basis. Avoid micromanaging your team, and give them the resources, training and tools to succeed and meet targeted goals. Independent work can be empowering for employees as long as they know their leader is willing to lend a hand when needed.

An effective leader is rarely a know-it-all when it comes to business practices and operations. Leaders who strive to better themselves inspire employees to do the same. Take a professional development course, improve skills with specialized training, and show employees that you are willing to better yourself both as an expert in the industry and as a leader.

Supervisors and managers who take a special interest in the good of the company and the satisfaction of employees often inspire and motivate their counterparts. As a result, these leadership behaviors promote dedication, motivation and loyalty toward the company. A satisfied and committed employee who feels valued is more likely to be more productive on the job, which ultimately enhances the level of service to your clients and customers.

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