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Many different periodicals, newspapers, and journals publish annual lists of the best healthcare jobs, or a generalized list that includes jobs in the healthcare market, and these lists can be invaluable for students trying to decide upon a future profession. They may also be useful to current workers in the market looking for a career change. The creators of the lists often take into account pertinent information including work environment, salary, and expected growth on both short- and long-term scales. Many of the best healthcare jobs require extensive education or experience.

Pharmacist is third on the list of healthcare jobs available in the United States published by U.S. News and World Report. These important healthcare workers are needed in hospitals and stores that fill prescriptions across the nation. Many pharmacists also offer advice on the administration and storage of medications, making them an essential part of the healthcare world. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a branch of the United States Department of Labor, expects growth in the field in line with the average rate of all jobs. The U.S. News and World Report lists the median annual salary for pharmacists at $116,670.

The war for talent in the healthcare industry is expanding with the addition of an expected thirty-two million Americans gaining coverage under the Affordable Care Act. This is good news for those employed or looking for work because the number two profession on the list of the best healthcare jobs is nurse practitioner. These professionals combine many of the roles of doctor and nurse, allowing smaller medical clinics to operate and provide quality services to those in need. Along with all the standard duties of a nurse, a licensed nurse practitioner can also perform physical exams, authorize treatments, prescribe medications, and counsel patients. Workers in this profession are often called upon to work as medical jacks-of-all-trades, and they earn a median annual salary of $89,960.

Dentists take the number one spot on the same list of the best healthcare jobs in the nation. They have a median annual salary of $145,240, and the job continues to be important because people return to dentists for regular tooth cleanings, fillings, and oral care. Dentists work in outpatient centers and clinics as well as private medical centers and hospitals. The BLS expects job growth for this profession at a faster-than-average rate between the years of 2012 and 2022. Dentists also have one of the most education-intensive career paths on the list of best healthcare jobs, requiring years of study and training at traditional colleges and specialized dental schools.

These three professions represent some of the top jobs available in the market. Healthcare has always been a strong contender on these lists, and the need for skilled professionals in the industry continues to grow. The list of the best healthcare jobs is a great starting point for anyone seeking to launch a new career in today's constantly changing medical workplace.


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