Building a Personal Brand With Consistency

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Technology continues to drive the path for job seekers as the need for a personal brand online and offline becomes a necessity. Candidates must clearly outline how their professional image, skills and experience define who they are in the eyes of potential employers. Build your brand with consistency to expand your career opportunities.

Define your goals to establish a personal brand that is in line with your professional aspirations and your desired industry, suggests Tracey Parsons with Careerealism. Potential candidates with clearly defined goals have more focus when seeking out positions compared to those who haven't considered this aspect. Create a professional objective statement so you are clear about how your skills and experience benefit companies within the industry. Make a list of your professional accomplishments that support your objective and show that you are an ideal candidate. Discover your strengths, and build your brand based on areas in which you excel.

Build a digital footprint that supports your personal brand. Evaluate your online presence to ensure it is in line with your career objectives and areas of expertise. Develop and tweak social media accounts to reflect your brand. Job seekers should possess an online portfolio that outlines qualifications and experience, as well as samples of work and accomplishments, so hiring managers are prompted to request an interview. Create a call to action online so that you are a desired candidate from the start.

Let your personality shine through your personal brand. Join professional organizations within your industry, and share knowledge and expertise in online forums to support your brand. Show that you can be conversational and friendly yet professional at the same time. Contribute to groups on networking sites, such as LinkedIn, and make contacts within the industry to increase your knowledge and connections that can lead to career opportunities. Attend networking events within your community to make a name for yourself. As your brand develops, employers may seek your services, which ultimately eases the job search process.

Share your expertise to make a name for yourself online. Tweet informational articles that relate to your niche, join conversations on social media sites to network with professionals and seek out opportunities to learn from experts who have a similar personal brand. People crave advice and expertise. Establish yourself online as an expert to further develop your brand, and be consistent with providing information on a daily basis so you are the go-to source.

Professionals with a clearly outlined personal brand are more desirable within the job market. Candidates who know who they are and can define what they want in their industry are highly attractive to potential employers. Show confidence and consistency to make your mark within the industry and increase your career opportunities.

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