Can Your Health Really Impact Your Company's Bottom Line?

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It's common for business professionals to immerse themselves in busy and chaotic daily operations without thinking twice about their health and wellness. However, if you spend less time taking care of your mind, body and spirit, it could ultimately reduce your productivity and profits. Learn how to resist toxic work routines and boost your health in ways that can increase your creativity and impact your company's bottom line.

Break Free From the Status Quo

The perception that business professionals operate on little sleep and spend countless hours in the office is unfortunately not just a myth. Many CEOs, managers and assistants find themselves burning the midnight oil just to stay on top of deadlines, projects and client requests. As a result, they might lack the sleep, nourishment and mental stamina they need to push forward. You don't have to subscribe to this mantra when working as a business professional. Break free from the stereotypical workaholic schedule and take a moment to focus your energy on your own health and wellness. What you may find is that your productivity and energy levels increase when you take care of your physical and mental health.

Recognize the Impact Better Health Makes on Your Performance

According to Forbes, an undernourished leader may only have the energy to make short-term decisions. Business professionals are expected to make both long-term and short-term decisions to ensure their companies thrive. Without the energy to do both, you could significantly impact your company's growth. Make a plan for each week that makes your health a priority. For example, develop an exercise regimen that incorporates walking or jogging on breaks or at lunchtime to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. Make a goal to get a minimum of seven or eight hours of sleep each night, regardless of looming work. When you are fueled with sleep, exercise and nutrition, your mind and body are more ready to handle the tasks of the day.

Make Necessary Changes

If you find yourself feeling restrained by the overwhelming nature of your work, identify areas of your workday or your processes that can help alleviate stress. Rework the company culture, adopt casual days in the office, and emphasize the importance of ice-breaker activities or employee exercise breaks. When business professionals focus on the well-being of their staff, their employees are likely to become more invested and rested — and therefore prepared to perform better on the job.

Business professionals who focus on taking care of their health are also more equipped to meet goals they set. Tap into your creativity when you are most alert, and recognize when you need a break during the day to reenergize. Ensure that you are present — physically and mentally — to support your staff by making your health and theirs a priority on a daily basis.

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