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Name: John R. Danieli Title/Employer:President & CEO, The Computer Merchant, Ltd. Age: 63 Education: Bachelors Degree from Pace University Tenure In IT industry: 42 years First Tech Job: Programmer with the US Marine Corps. Current Role: President & CEO of The Computer Merchant, Ltd., an IT staffing solutions firm in Norwell, MA.
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What's been your best job and why? CEO. Being CEO gives me the opportunity to listen to and learn from other leaders in the industry and to network great relationships. What do you think is the number one non-IT skill IT professionals need today? Writing skills and an understanding of the financial and operational sides of the business. What do you credit your career success to? Some of my mentors were business teachers in school and the Marine Corps. The theme was "failure is not an option" and successfully bringing different types of people together to work towards a successful end. What are the top three skills a high-level IT manager needs today? An IT manager needs focus and the ability to comprehend the business levels and costs. The ability to plan effectively and provide leadership is paramount, however it is critical for an IT manager to be able to execute that plan and achieve the desired result. What's your favorite IT resource site and why? Our own. We use the job boards, but networking individuals is the key to contacting and growing your resources. The job board is just a starting point. Career Builder is one of the industry's better sites. What is the best career advice you've ever received? Take a chance, this is an industry where age has no bearing and information is free flowing. What's the top advice you'd give to a new IT staffer? Learn as much as you can, have fun and be entrepreneurial in your job. What would you advise someone looking to find the type of role you currently have? You can't have my job, it is way to much fun. My other advice would be to watch "Pursuit of Happiness" and then you will have an understanding of what hard work and perseverance is all about. What is the one career decision you would change if you could? I would have taken risks earlier. If I had, right now I would have my own private island and be sitting under a palm tree. If you had the choice to jump into any other job, tech or non-tech, what would it be? After you run a company with thousands of people, you can do anything. I would reorganize the country's healthcare system so that it works and runs like a business or re-organize Delta Airlines so that it is a successful airline. Other recent articles from TechCareers Career Profile: VP Of Development/ Hiring Report: StillSecure Needs Developers Skilled In Linux Admin, Networking
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