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There are a few words that I just can’t spell no matter how many times I have to correct myself. Somewhere in my psyche I psych myself out and doubt everything I thought I knew about the English language when I encounter them. Gaurrantee, lisence, greatfull, alot...  

Words like these make me so glad that computer geeks gave us spell check. It’s even on my phone for fixing spelling faux pas on the go. Anyone that’s turned in a 9th grade English paper thinking spell check was all the editing they needed to do knows that it has its flaws.

Don’t get me started on the assumptions my phone makes either if I’m trying to answer an email or an IM. Multiple websites and daytime comedy bits are based on the blunders of autocorrected messages.

Be smarter than your phone or word processing software. Check out these commonly misspelled words and commit one to memory each day and review on the weekends for the next month. Potential employers will be impressed by your written communication skills.

  1. Guarantee – I can pretty much guarantee you probably won’t get a call back for an interview if you can’t spell.
  2. License – You need one to drive or run a business so you’re going to have to learn how to spell it.
  3. Grateful – You might wish you were dead if you misspell grateful in your post-interview handwritten thank you note.
  4. A lot – Yes it’s two words just like a bunch.
  5. Persevere – If you are going to do it, then you need to know how to spell it.
  6. Calendar – You can clear yours if you can’t spell calendar correctly in company memos.
  7. Committed – Show you’re doubly committed to good grammar by doubling up the Ms and Ts,
  8. Fulfill – Don’t use the full word full but go all out with fill to fulfill the spelling of this word.
  9. Harass – Harassment doesn’t start with her. Victims aren’t exclusively female and neither is the word.
  10. Restaurant – If you’ve ever worked in one you will need to be able to spell it on your resume.
  11. Immediately – You might be able to start immediately but not if you can’t spell it.
  12. Maintenance – Do some maintenance on your memory by practicing spelling these tough words.
  13. Misspell – Yeah, the irony.
  14. Necessary – Face it, in this competitive job market it is necessary to know how to spell on the spot.
  15. Success – Common say it with me… double the c and double the s, that’s the way you spell success.
  16. Miscellaneous – Shortcutting this word with the abbreviation shows you probably skimped on effort when it came to all the misc. tasks you were asked to perform at your previous job.
  17. Sincerely – No one believes it if you can’t spell it, sincerely.
  18. Probably – You probably won’t get a pass if you misspell probably in your cover letter.
  19. Independent – Don’t include an “ant” at the end of this word, they are hardly free thinkers.
  20. Definitely – I definitely have trouble convincing myself that none of the consonants in this word repeat.
  21. Recommend – When you recommend someone you commend them over and over again.
  22. Referred – Add another f and that’s the spelling grade you’ll get. But forget the extra r in this word and you will get you referred to a dictionary.
  23. Schedule – Human resources won’t include you on the schedule if you can’t spell it correctly.
  24. Science – One day maybe science will explain why this word breaks the “i before e” rule.
  25. Occasion – Whether it's a 5th grade spelling bee or an essay answer on an aptitude test, you don't want to misspell this word on any occasion. 
  26. Knowledge – The quickest way to show you have none is by spelling the word knowledge incorrectly.

Don’t trust your future to tech alone. Always proofread your school work and resumes word for word to make sure you have avoided any simple spelling slip ups.


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  • Heather Fairchild
    Heather Fairchild
    Thanks Asunto! I have to keep checking back, some of these words still stump me!!
  • Asunto T
    Asunto T
    It's an awesome paragraph for all the online viewers; they will take benefit from it I am sure.

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