Could You Recognize a Bad Workplace Even Before Accepting the Postion?

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If you ever worked for a horrible boss or employer, you likely regretted not finding out about the bad workplace before accepting the job. Avoid this mistake in the future by paying attention to several signs before accepting a position. You may dodge quite a few obstacles in your professional life by becoming aware of the following seven red flags.

1. Terrible Hiring Process

A great company has a streamlined hiring process and knows precisely how to find the perfect fit. A bad workplace may have several things that impede your progress towards landing an interview or job. For example, if you call HR before the interview and no one knows the name of the hiring manager, that's a bad sign. Also, company representatives might have different ideas about what you're supposed to do in the position, which communicates lack of cohesiveness. Frequent rescheduling of the interview is also a red flag.

2. Hiring Manager Touts Himself

If the hiring manager continuously talks about why he's such a good person to work for, think twice before accepting the job. A good manager talks about his weaknesses and how the team helps him to overcome them by being strong in those areas. A manager in a bad workplace who keeps saying he's a good manager is usually trying to make up for something he lacks.

3. Family Atmosphere

Having a close-knit workforce or family atmosphere within an organization can be good, as long as the workplace remains professional. If the family atmosphere at a company involves the acceptance of inappropriate behaviors, such as frequent arguments or casual attitudes towards work, move on.

4. Short Interview

Leaders of a bad workplace might not be too interested in hiring the best person for a position. Instead, they might want someone they get along well with or a person to occupy an office. If that's the case, the job interview might be very short and may have little to do with the actual job.

5. High Turnover

If all past employees lasted less than a year or two in the position you're interviewing for, there's probably a good reason why. You can attribute one short tenure to bad luck or a poor fit, but a pattern of several people leaving within a short span of time is a bad sign.

6. Evasive Answers

A hiring manager should answer your questions honestly and forthrightly. If the hiring manager rambles on about unrelated topics or evades your questions during an interview isn't focused on finding the best possible candidate for the job.

7. Negativity

One major sign of a bad workplace is obvious negativity. If the staff members have negative attitudes towards one another or seem unhappy, you'll instantly notice. More than likely, you won't want to work in such an environment.

Instead of accepting an offer right away, ask the employer to give you 24 hours to make your decision. During this time, think about the red flags listed above, and determine if any of them apply. The following day, if you feel good about the employer and determine that the company is not a bad workplace, consider accepting the position.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for your comment @deb e and @Tamika S. So sorry to hear what you are going through. @deb e good for you for taking this company to task. I don't know why companies think it's a good idea to hire a bully. A little bit of leadership from the higher ups would go a long way to getting things running smoothly. No one wins when a company hires a bully to "handle" things. @Tamika S only you know if it's worth another 4 years working at a state job to become vested. 4 years is a long time when you go to work stressed every single day. Keep us posted on your decision.

  • deb e.
    deb e.

    Medical center in Rochester, MN. Ten years and nine month feeling I didn't know my job. Assistant manager went through office like a river. Stay one year and gone. Supervisor micro-managed everything. Supervisor hired a big bully and no experience in telephone office. Bullied one employee until she tried to kill herself on the job. I was wrongful termination. Accused of many thing, which were false and filed claim with Department of Human right and I have hope. A lot of back up paperwork of my claim. Big company think they can run over the little people. Doctor are god, well god backward is dog. They are dog. Of course some dog are great and good compa

  • Tamika S.
    Tamika S.

    My workplace to the 10th power..people think because it’s a state job it’s the best and why would you leave. Not true and it’s just getting worse. So much micro managing it’s pathetic. I have been there 6 years. 4 more years and I’m vested but I do not feel it’s worth the frustration and ignorance that comes along with it

  • John C.
    John C.

    right on the money

  • David D.
    David D.

    Great Article thank you

  • john gregory c.
    john gregory c.

    I just left a job that included most of those red flags.

  • Debra J.
    Debra J.

    If you get a bad feeling run.

  • Tonya W.
    Tonya W.

    No. 7 is completely true. If current employees talk horribly about your future supervisor during the interview, run away!

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