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One of the crucial aspects of your job search involves crafting a resume that helps you stand out from the rest of the candidates. The time spent resume writing is well worth it when you compose a document that leaves a lasting impression. Make your resume prompt prospective employers to seek you out for job opportunities with these tips.

Customize Application Materials

Hiring managers can easily spot a resume template that was hastily compiled during a job search. Instead of submitting the same document for every position you are seeking, customize your resume to the industry and the company. Research the company to identify the roles and duties of jobs you are interested in, and list relevant experience you possess. Identify keywords used in the job description to include in your resume to capture the attention of potential employers.

Make Your Experience Count

Even if you are a new graduate or changing career fields, you likely have experience that is relevant to your desired position. Craft a resume that emphasizes your skills and knowledge if your relevant experience is minimal. Include volunteer or internship experience to further put your experience on display. No job is too small when it comes to creating a resume that stands out during your job search.

Focus on Accomplishments

Show your employers the professional recognition and success you have achieved with creative resume writing during your job search. Instead of just detailing your duties for each position, highlight sales goals met, recognition from management and certifications you earned in past positions. Don't worry about sounding boastful when listing your achievements. Hiring managers seek out candidates who have earned recognition as a result of their work performance.

Avoid the Lengthy Document

A rule of thumb for entry- and mid-level positions is to keep your resume to one page. Save space by removing endorsements, recommendations or references and include a supplemental document with this information or a tag line that notes "references available upon request," recommends the Teach for America editorial team.

Pay Close Attention to Format

Craft a resume during your job search that is easy to read and follow. Use a standard font that is compatible with applicant tracking systems or online databases. Stick with fonts such as Times New Roman, Georgia or Sans-Serif in 12 point for best results. Analyze the overall visual appeal of your resume as well. Line up bullet points and left-align or center headings consistently to create a professional uniform look.

Put the finishing touches on your resume during the job search with final proofreading that helps to maintain your credibility as a worthy candidate. A clean, concise and error-free resume can increase your job opportunities and pave the way for your newfound career.

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