Creating a Company Culture That Attracts Top Millennials

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Millennial workers represent the future of businesses, offering companies an endless pool of talent, ambition and creativity. However, drawing in a younger workforce requires more than just placing a foosball table in the break room. Follow these tips to build up and maintain a company culture that caters to the unique work style and preferences of millennials.

Choose an Open Office Plan

Cubicles and compartment offices of the past can snuff out the creativity and motivation of millennial employees. Opt for a more collaborative office culture with a setup that gives workers more chances to mingle. Use potted plants and desk dividers to create just enough privacy, and don't forget to set up a few creative lounges for employees working on team projects.

Find Your Brand's Story

Millennial workers tend to develop a strong connection to the brand they represent, and a backstory is an important part of that brand. Write out the ideas and events that triggered the company's creation as well as the obstacles faced along the way. Include this information in the company handbook for easy reference.

Find Your Company's Cause

Millennial workers are defined by their need to make a difference through their jobs, gravitating toward companies with strong causes. Define the purpose and mission of your business in a way that makes employees feel they are a part of something meaningful.

Encourage Office Fun

Nothing repels millennial workers like a stiff office culture, so remember to let loose with frequent celebrations and spontaneous activities. Consider holding monthly parties for workers whose birthdays fall in that month, and celebrate company milestones and holidays. Plan fun team-building activities to help foster relationships among workers.

Find Ways to Show Appreciation

Every worker likes to feel appreciated for the time and effort they put into their work. This is especially true for millennials. Consider implementing a rewards program, or present gifts or awards to top performers each month. Remember that a personal 'thank you' from a manager also goes a long way.

Value Coaching and Feedback

The traditional commanding leadership style doesn't work well with millennials, who value a more collaborative method of achieving goals. While tracking employee progress, take every opportunity to coach workers and help them develop their talents. Communicate opportunities for workers to step up and advance in the workplace.

Offer Some Offbeat Benefits

Most companies offer basic benefits. Consider what benefits could set your business apart. Think about options such as free massage coupons, reimbursement for travel expenses, flexible summer hours or even unlimited vacation time.

Create a Comfortable Workplace

A comfortable work environment is important for keeping millennial workers motivated and satisfied. Maintain a fresh stock of free snacks, soda and bottled water at all times, and equip break rooms with table games, carpets and sofas.

The company culture millennials crave has many facets, each playing a crucial role in creating a top-notch work environment. With the right efforts on the management's side, millennial workers are sure to give back in their efforts.

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