What Sun Signs Say about Work Abilities: Gemini

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An important aspect of any job is noticing patterns in the work flow and adapting accordingly in order to enhance productivity. This is true with both products and people. Knowing how you or your co-workers work best will help decrease the stress and increase the efficiency in almost any workplace.


Understanding astrological patterns and the personality traits associated with them is one way of gaining insight into what makes people act and react the way that they do. It explains certain comfort levels common to people born under the same sign as well as particular preferences and innate abilities.


Explore the professional traits frequently found in Gemini employees.


Gemini is the sign of the twins and is the sun sign for those born between May 21th and June 21th. The duplicitous sign implies duplicity in the Gemini personality. This does not however mean a split persona instead represents how the Gemini wants to be seen versus how they really are. Natural performers and entertainers, Gemini traits, good or bad include: quick-wit, creative, outgoing, funny, inventive, charming, congenial, incurable dreamers, magnificent storytellers, inconsistent, capricious, superficial, fickle, restless and emotionally distant.


As an air sign Gemini people are comfortable adapting to different situations that arise. They think well on their feet. Blessed with a strong balance of both left and right brained functions, they are logical as well as creative. If they can have their turn in the spotlight a Gemini can be an exceptional tem player. Most workplaces or social circles will benefit from having a Gemini in the group but sometimes two can be overwhelming.


Not good at grunt work, a Gemini will pour a week’s worth of work into the day before lunch if they are passionate about the project. Professions where Geminians have found success include: Exploration, Novelist,  Merchant, Translator, Publicist, Host, Announcer, Mediator, Orator, Correspondent, Sculptor, Artist, Woodcarver, Salesperson, Musician, Electrician, Accounting, Photography, Interpreter, Public Relations, Market Research, Actor, Attorney,  Inventor, Journalist, Event Planner, Politician, Product Development Specialist, Sales Professional, Teacher, Writer, Inventor, Psychiatry, Psychology,  and Scientist.


Communication is the key for Geminians as it is one of their strongest assets and jobs that offer the opportunity to use those abilities will engage them. They are most compatible with Leo, Aquarius, Aries, and Libra born co-workers. Less so with Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces natives and could go either way with those born under Virgo, Gemini, Taurus or Sagittarius. 


Sun signs don’t make an office dynamic destined to succeed or fail. Understanding astrology is just additional insight into how each employee works best. Utilizing that knowledge can help increase the harmony wherever you work. 


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