Developing Your Leadership Skills

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Today's administrative professionals are expected to have a number of skills. Technical, personal and people skills are top on the list. As are leadership skills.

But if you're not a Donald Trump, how do you develop the skills that make you a good leader? Some suggestions:

Initiate, Be Proactive. Even if you're not currently in a leadership position, act like a leader. Be a problem solver. Jump in with both feet, work the problem and come up with a solution. Doing this looks so much better that just complaining about a problem or waiting for others to "do something."

Own It. Take complete ownership of a task and shepherd it through to completion. Perform all the follow through and problem solving it takes to get the job done. Control it. Put your name on it.

Prioritize Tasks. When things start piling up and the workload causes others to complain, prioritize and map out a completion strategy. Administrators often take direction from several bosses in an organization, all of whom want their tasks "completed yesterday." Prioritization, not buckling, shows leadership under fire.

Inspire Others. Good leaders persuade others to follow them in achieving a goal. Which means you have to develop your assertive and communications skills. Learn to "enroll" people in the challenge or task, don't boss them or intimidate them. Play up to their needs and motivations.

Make Independent Decisions. Learn to make decisions on your own and take calculated risks. Don't constantly bother your boss with minutia or wonder what people will say.

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