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Your online presence is becoming just as important when searching for a new job as presenting a well-crafted resume. Consequently, the use of digital options for showcasing your work and experience is growing in importance. Your resume and cover letter are not necessarily enough to land you that interview, so consider these four online options to make use of technology trends and electronic submissions.

Online Portfolio

An online portfolio goes beyond a regular resume, showing actual examples of your past accomplishments and allowing you to reveal your individual personality. Online portfolios are especially ideal digital options if you often write blogs or articles in your field or you are an artist because all your best work is collected in one easily accessible location. An online portfolio likely is mandatory if you are a web designer.

Personal Blog

If you are knowledgeable and able to write about your field, consider starting your own blog. A blog is a great digital option because it increases your online presence while also proving your expertise. A resume tells the employer what experience you have, but a blog proves you have the experience and knowledge to do the job. The more followers you have on your blog, the better. Be sure, however, that you keep your blog current. A blog that has not been updated in months does not wow potential employers.

Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts get your name out there and help show your interests, skills and personality in ways the traditional resume cannot. However, whether you like it or not, employers look at all your social media accounts, not only your LinkedIn account. This is a double edged sword. On one hand, it allows you to be seen, but at the same time, if you post negative comments or unappealing pictures on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, it reflects poorly on you. If you decide to use social media digital options in your job search, keep some things private and think before you post.

Online Resume

While your online resume might not have any more information than your physical resume, this digital option does carry some additional benefits. Firstly, an online resume is just one more way to increase your web presence and show who you are. Secondly, it lets you hunt for a job without actually looking. By posting your resume online, employers are able to find you. Additionally, inserting keywords that are relevant to your desired position, field or skill set allows your resume to be searchable.

These digital options are becoming increasingly important for job seekers. They increase your web presence, show your experience and share your personality. For an added advantage in your next job search, explore these options and rise above the rest.


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